Singer Overlocker 14SH754 Review

The Singer 14SH754 Overlocker is recommended for clean, neat finishing seams. It is a mechanical sewing machine with color-coded threading, 2 needles, and adjustable tension. It has a cutting system and comes with a flatlock device. The machine has a free arm and a single lamp for good visibility. It is compact and lightweight. It can sew various types of stitches.


  • free arm
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Top Moving Blade
  • Singer 14SH754 overlocker can achieve 1300 sewing stitches per minute
  • Can be used with three or four threads
  • Can create three or four-thread overlock and invisible three-thread hems
  • Stitch length and width can be adjusted
  • Knife position can be adjusted or deactivated
  • Can be used for working on tubular packages
  • Fabric transport speed can be adjusted
  • The machine is lightweight and compact
  • Singer 14SH754 is known for its quality and performance


  • To be able to use the singer 14sh754 requires some practice

What are the features and capabilities of the Singer 14SH754 overlock machine?

This particular Singer overlocker is designed with a specialized orientation, resulting in a limited number of programs and functions. However, it still offers six different stitch programs, differential feed, sewing lights, stitch width adjustment, stitch length adjustment, and four thread spools. These features are sufficient for its intended purpose. Additionally, threading is made easy with colored markings in the thread paths. The sturdy construction allows for the sewing of solid materials like denim, upholstery covers, and soft leather. By adjusting the settings appropriately, beautiful curling and curling effects can be achieved.

The Singer 14SH754 overlocker is about to amaze you with its exceptional qualities! Let’s skip straight ahead to explore what this model has in store for us enthusiasts: First off, prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping sewing speed of up to an astonishing rate of 1300 stitches per minute!

Now that’s some serious stitching power! But wait, there’s more! With this marvelous machine at your disposal, you get not one but two options when it comes to thread usage – three threads or even four threads! Talk about versatility! And that’s not all – whether it’s creating a three-thread or four-thread overlock or even a magical invisible hem, this overlocker has got you covered.

And let’s not forget, the invisible hem is the gold standard of high-end tailoring! But it doesn’t stop there – you also have complete control over the stitch length and width. From a minimum of 1mm to a maximum of 4mm for length, and from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 7mm for width – you can truly customize your stitches to perfection!

But wait, there’s more! You can adjust the position and even deactivate the knife feature to avoid any accidental fabric mishaps. Need more reasons to be amazed? Well, how about the free-arm functionality that allows you to effortlessly create tubular packages like sleeves and so much more? And that’s not all – you can fine-tune the tension of the threads and adjust the fabric transport speed for ultimate precision in your sewing projects.

Now let’s talk dimensions – this incredible machine measures approximately 38.2 x 32.6 x 32.6 cm and weighs just under 8 kilos! Can you believe it? It’s lighter and more compact than those bulky classic sewing machines we’re all familiar with. And hey, did we mention how easy it is to carry around? Because it definitely is! So go ahead, and experience sewing like never before with the Singer 14SH754 overlocker!

Singer Overlocker 14SH754 Review


Why we like Singer 14SH754 Overlocker: Our Opinion

The Singer 14SH754 is highly regarded as one of the top-notch overlock machines, providing professional finishes that are truly remarkable. Customers who have purchased this machine have expressed their satisfaction with its exceptional value for money, user-friendly operation, and extensive range of functions.

Many users particularly appreciate the unique combination of industrial-grade precision and the convenience of a home sewing machine. This feature is highly sought after by individuals who desire to work from the comfort of their own homes while ensuring impeccable quality in their craftsmanship.

In summary, the Singer Overlock 14SH754 is one of the best sergers on the market, with great features and an affordable price.

  • The SINGER 14SH754 serger saves time and improves efficiency in sewing
  • It can stitch, cut, assemble, and overcast fabrics in a single pass
  • Provides high-quality finishes and works well with various fabrics
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Suitable for sewing materials like fleece or knitwear with its 4 threads
  • Can create decorative effects with special threads
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Proper threading is important for optimal performance
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced seamstresses
  • Allows for precise and professional-quality sewing operations
The overlock machine, specifically the Singer 14SH754 serger, is not your average sewing machine. It goes beyond that and can be considered an almost professional-grade product. Some people use it on their own, while others pair it with a medium or even high-level sewing machine. The choice depends on the tasks at hand. If you typically tackle small projects, we suggest exploring other types of products.

However, if sewing is your livelihood or you aspire to become a professional tailor or seamstress, we strongly believe that learning to use the serger or having it in your home or workshop is essential. This recommendation stems from the fact that customers often turn to tailors when they encounter difficulties with their own sewing endeavors.

For instance, some individuals attempt to knit a duvet but give up due to needle jams or fabric misalignment under the presser foot. Others may possess sewing skills but find themselves faced with the daunting task of creating 300 tulle favors for a wedding without enough time or suitable tools. In all these scenarios, the Singer 14SH754 overlocker is the solution we propose.

Although this model carries a price tag comparable to that of an ordinary mid-range machine, it represents a genuine investment—especially for those who sew as a means of saving money and even more so for professionals in the field. Those who sew to save money will immediately notice its superiority compared to other machines, while professional tailors will recoup their investment within just a few weeks of work.

With the 14SH754 Singer overlocker machine, you can make professional finishes like those in a store. Whether it’s stretchy, frayed, or slippery, you can work on all types of fabric with ease and precision, amazingly fast, and with a  professional result. It has an upper and a lower blade that works together to cut the edges while sewing. Both are retractable to hide them and not cut while sewing. This new model (it is the update of the Singer 14SH654 overlock) allows you to adjust the stitch width up to 6.7 mm according to your needs.


  • Color-coded threading system: Threading a serger sewing machine by hand can be an overwhelming and daunting task for sewers at any skill level – from novices to experts. Thankfully, the Singer 14SH754 model offers a hassle-free stringing system that simplifies the entire process. With its color-coded guides, this innovative system greatly reduces the frustration associated with threading difficulties. Moreover, the comprehensive customer manual and informative DVD serve as valuable tools for deepening your comprehension of this essential skill.
  • Adjustable differential power supply: With the Singer 14SH754, you have complete mastery over any fabric type and thickness thanks to its innovative movable differential feed feature. Whether you’re working with delicate sheers or heavy-duty textiles, this sewing machine offers exceptional control. By simply adjusting the feed, you can manipulate the speed at which each of its dual feed canines operates to securely hold your fabric in place. The differential feed change dial enables seamless transition between two proportional settings – from 1:0.7mm to 1:2mm – giving you unparalleled flexibility in your sewing projects.
  • Rolled hem change function: The Singer 14SH754 stands out from other mid-range sergers because it allows you to effortlessly switch to rolled hem mode without the need to remove the needle plate. By simply adjusting the fold-width finger handle to the R setting, you can instantly eliminate the fold-width finger and seamlessly transition between knuckle and rolled hem stitches.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure: The Singer 14SH754 allows you to adjust the presser foot tension to match the fabric you are sewing, which greatly impacts how well you can control the fabric and the overall quality of your sewing project. This feature is available in all entry-level Pfaff serger models. For delicate fabrics, you can easily decrease the presser foot pressure by using the provided screwdriver to turn a screw located on top of the overlocker. On the other hand, if you are working with heavier fabrics, simply turn the screw in the opposite direction to increase tension.
  • Warranties: When you buy the Singer 14SH754, you will receive a 2-year manufacturer’s insurance that pays for repairs and labor costs for any machine or accessory defects.

Types of serger

This is a singer 14sh754  overlock serger with differential. The overlocker ensures that the seams and finishes are of the best possible quality. The singer 14sh754 overlocker works with up to 4 threads.

  • Adjustable stitch width and length

The adjustable stitch width of the singer 14sh754 is from 6.7mm to 3mm. On the other hand,  the stitch length can be adjusted between 2mm and 4mm.

  • Differentiated feeding

This machine does work with a differential feed. This kind of feeding manages to avoid the puckering of the fabrics or that they are stretched. The role it will play depends on how the person handles it.

  • cutting width

The cutting width of the singer 14sh754  is 3 mm and 6.7 mm.

  • Easy threading guide

The singer 14sh754 has various color codes that make threading very simple.  You just have to let yourself be guided along the route.

  • stitches per minute

It is impressive that one of the characteristics of the singer 14sh754 is that it can reach 1300 stitches per minute.



  • Separator
  • threading pliers
  • needle pack
  • Screwdriver
  • DVD with classes

Conclusions and Why Buy a 14SH754 Singer Overlock Machine

The Singer 14SH754 sewing machine was designed with the customer in mind, just like all other entry-level machines from Singer. It may be small and lightweight, but it is assembled with high quality and delivers effective results.

While it doesn’t have automated features, it is incredibly user-friendly. You have greater control over different fabrics with its customizable differential feed and retractable top edge, although working with heavier textures can be a bit challenging due to its lighter weight.

The accessory bundle includes additional devices and parts, such as a secondary looper spreader. If you’re looking for a small yet durable machine, visit a Singer showroom and try it out.

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