Singer 14T970C Cover Stitch Serger Review

The Singer 14T970C is a high-quality electric sewing machine with innovative features for optimal fabric processing. It can sew up to 1100 stitches per minute and has adaptable foot and 2-way threading functions.

It offers four built-in stitches and is ideal for sewing plastic parts or decorations. The machine is recommended for those seeking a high-quality sewing machine.


  • 4 stitches included
  • flatbed
  • Stitch length selector
  • Wire guide antenna
  • colored thread paths
  • suitable for beginners
  • even seam patterns
  • complex thread change when torn off


  • It can fall short in a short time, it does not have many stitches.
  • A bit noisy.

The details reviewed on Singer 14T970C

If you overlook issues with thread tension, this is a great option for beginners. The Singer 14T970C is a specialized sewing machine designed for beginners. It offers decorative stitch effects and is suitable for hemming and sewing fabric pieces together. The machine’s thread paths are color-coded to assist beginners in navigating its four-thread system. Its ease of use, particularly for hemming elastic fabrics without puckering, has earned it positive reviews from online retailers. However, it falls short when compared to the top coverlock sewing machines in its price range. To address this, it requires uncomplicated thread tension and a sewing foot height that accommodates thicker fabric projects. Users have identified these as the main drawbacks.

There is minimal distance separating the feed dogs and sewing foot on the Singer 14T970C. The Singer 14T970C is a budget-friendly coverlock sewing machine that offers a small gap between the feed dogs and sewing foot. Unlike other machines, it does not have a cutting knife but is designed for simultaneous sewing and hemming. This eliminates the need for complicated mode conversions and allows for sewing away from the fabric edges.

Versatile Stitching Options: The Singer 14T970C boasts an impressive selection of 95 built-in stitches, allowing you to create a wide variety of projects with ease. From intricate quilts to trendy clothing and stylish bags, this computerized sewing machine has got you covered.

Effortless Buttonhole Creation: Say goodbye to tedious manual buttonholes! With the automatic buttonhole function on the Singer 14T970C, creating perfect buttonholes is a breeze. Whether it’s a simple four-step or a more complex design, this sewing machine ensures professional results every time.

User-Friendly Computerized Convenience: Don’t let technology intimidate you – the Singer 14T970C is designed for user-friendly operation. Its computerized interface allows for easy stitch selection and adjustment, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced sewists alike.

Superior Stitch Quality: Experience unparalleled stitch quality with the Singer 14T970C. This sewing machine is engineered to deliver even and precise stitches, ensuring your creations look polished and professional every time.

Endless Creative Possibilities: Unleash your creativity with the Singer 14T970C’s versatile capabilities. From delicate fabrics to heavy-duty materials, this sewing machine can handle it all, empowering you to explore new horizons in your sewing projects. Embark on exciting ventures like never before and bring your unique vision to life!

The Singer 14T970C sewing machine utilizes differential transport to prevent the creation of waves in elastic fabrics. When you first encounter the Singer 14T970C, it immediately showcases its typical features for this type of machine. The data sheet simply includes things that are expected and used as selling points, like the presence of four stitches to cater to various stitch types. The focus is on achieving flawless hem finishes and seam patterns, as well as creating an elastic twin needle effect on t-shirts, sportswear, and stretchy fabrics. It’s worth noting that almost every coverlock machine has two feed dogs for differential feed, which prevents unwanted fabric expansion or contraction. This emphasis on versatility, backed by marketing experts, is merely superficial and should not divert attention from the fact that…


Key Features of the  Singer 14T970C 

The Singer 14T970C Coverlock Machine allows the professional finishing of garments. It is ideal for finishing works such as collar applications, hems, and split elastic gluing, among others.

Work with 2,3 and 4 threads. With the four types of stitches, it contains, you can make the perfect finishes for any sewing project.

Contains an easy threading guide through a color guide, and sews up to 1,100 stitches per minute, reflecting real-time savings.

The Singer 14T970C is a versatile and user-friendly computerized sewing machine that revolutionizes the art of sewing. With its impressive repertoire of 95 built-in stitches, including a convenient 4-step buttonhole, this machine offers endless possibilities for creating clothes, quilts, bags, and more.

The computerized functionality allows for precise stitching and easy customization with just a few clicks. The machine’s advanced features, such as an automatic needle threader and adjustable stitch length and width, make it effortless to achieve professional-looking results every time.

Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, while the intuitive LCD screen provides clear instructions for seamless operation. Additionally, the Singer 14T970C comes with an array of accessories like different presser feet and needles to enhance creativity and versatility.

The differential drag adjuster prevents the fabric from stretching or shrinking, improving stitch quality. The stitches included are Double Chain Stitch, Narrow Cover Stitch, Wide Cover Stitch, and Triple Cover Stitch.

In short, the Singer Coverlock 14T970C  is one of the best cover locks on the market, with great features and an affordable price.

Types of serger

The cover machine makes the seams and finishes of the best possible quality. The singer 14T970C coater works with 2, 3, and even 4 threads.

  • Adjustable stitch width and length

The adjustable stitch width of the Singer 14T970C is from 5.6mm to 2.8mm. On the other hand,  the stitch length can be adjusted between 1mm and 4mm.

  • Differentiated feeding

This machine does work with a differential feed. This kind of feeding manages to avoid the puckering of the fabrics or that they are stretched. The role it will play depends on how the person handles it.

  • Easy threading guide

The Singer 14T970C has various color codes that make threading very simple.  You just have to let yourself be guided along the route.

  • Stitches per minute

It is impressive that one of the features of the Singer 14T970C is that it can reach 1100 stitches per minute.

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  • Universal presser foot
  • 4 thread clips
  • 4 nets for thread
  • 4 spool holders
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning brush
  • needle pack
  • 1 flat screwdriver
  • 1 needle driver
  • vinyl cover
  • Oil




Our Take

The  Singer 14T970C is one of the top-rated overlock machines and you can really get professional finishes.

People who have bought this machine say that it is very good value for money, that it is somewhat easy to operate and has a multitude of functions.

Several users have agreed that one of the best qualities of this machine is that you can really achieve the perfection of an industrial machine, but with the easy handling of a home sewing machine and that is what many people are looking for; work from the comfort of home and have a guaranteed quality in the work they do.

What we liked

  • 4 stitches included
  • flatbed
  • Stitch length selector
  • Wire guide antenna
  • Work with 2, 3, and 4 threads
  • retractable handle
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • flip cover
  • Easy threading guide with color guide
  • Thread tension adjustment
  • Differential Drag Regulator
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • 5-year warranty

What we did not like

  • It can fall short in a short time, it does not have many stitches.
  • A bit noisy.

Conclusions and Why Buy a  Singer 14T970C Coating Machine

As we have seen so far, the reasons for deciding to purchase the Coverlock Singer 14T970C  are many, this is a very complete and easy-to-use cover-lock machine. It has a compact and practical design which adds a positive feature to this incredible machine.

We know that it is not one of the cheapest coverlock machines on the market, but its price is quite reasonable for the quality it has, and this, as already mentioned, has been verified by the people who have purchased it.

I can tell you that the Singer 14T970C sewing machine meets the necessary requirements to achieve a  good seam and due to its simplicity when using it, it is suitable for inexperienced people and also accustomed to the use of this type of device.

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