Tin Lizzie 18DLS Longarm Quilting Machine

The Tin Lizzie 18DLS Long Arm Quilting Machine is an affordable high-quality long arm quilting machine, and the most popular machine the Company makes. It was introduced in 2006 and was one of the first lower-cost machines on the market. It is designed with the home quilter in mind, yet has the high-end features and size that a professional quilter needs.

tin lizzie 18dls longarm quilting machine


If it were up to me I would put this machine in the mid-arm quilting machine category instead of the long arm. Mid-arm machines generally range from 12” to 18” in the throat area so it’s at the highest range. But long arm quilting machines are usually thought of as industrial bedspread and comforter sewing machines.

The Tin Lizzie 18 is truly a machine made for home quilting. Big enough to accommodate king-size quilts, and yet compact enough to live in your spare bedroom. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Lizzie stitch, an automatic stitch regulator that is included in the Tin Lizzie 18, is a favorite feature with quilters. This helps keep all of the stitches on your quilt the same size. The auto-up or down needle position setting helps minimize bending or breaking the needles and allows the machine to move freely in any direction. And there is a rocker switch for turning directions on the Tin Lizzie. All of these standard features mean that your stitches remain a uniform length, and give you the flexibility to change speed or sewing direction without affecting the quality of the quilt.

Ergonomic handles with rubber grips adjust up and down for comfort and safety. And you can stand or sit while quilting when using a frame. Try using a rolling bar stool for ease of movement if you prefer sitting.

There are a number of other professional features included with this quilting machine. One is the laser light, which mounts on the back, and makes the following paper patterns easy. Another is the capacity to use large bobbins. Nobody wants to refill the bobbin all the time. But when you are getting ready for a new bobbin, you can wind one automatically while you are still quilting.

It saves time and the aggravation of having to stop for a tedious task when you’re on a roll. The hopping foot holds down the any thickness of sandwiched fabric and batting, and allows for stitching next to rulers and templates. And finally, the oil reservoir with dipstick, keeps the bobbin area lubricated and keeps the oil off your quilt in addition to helping your machine last longer.

The Tin Lizzie 18DLS integrates easily with a computerized robotic add-on, called the Shirley Stitcher. It gives you the ability to quilt with computerized patterns or create your own design and save it in memory.

Tin Liz Lizzie 18DLS typically comes with a Falcon Frame or with the newer Phoenix Frame, which is made especially for the DLS machine. Make sure to check the specifications of the machine you are considering as some companies sell the components separately. Both frames can be expanded to 10 feet meaning you can make up to a king-sized quilt with no problem. You can easily sew 12” patterns on a king-sized quilt and you won’t have to turn the quilt. The quilt rolls onto the leader bars as you progress. The lightweight sewing head mounts easily and glides smoothly along the rails. And the Tin Lizzie 18 can be used from the front or rear on these frames.

Features & Functions

  • Front handles with electronics
  • Throat space 18” x 6” with an actual quilting space of 15”
  • Digital Lizzie LCD stitch regulator
  • Adjustable 2-position laser light
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Needle Up
  • Needle Down
  • Single Stitch
  • Dual thread capability
  • Double bobbin capacity
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Fully adjustable goose lamp
  • Multi-thread holder
  • Super smooth machine head carriage
  • 4 fabric clamps
  • 5-year U.S. warranty on defects in materials and workmanship
  • Size 37” W x 17” H
  • Weighs 47 lbs

Tools and Accessories Included

  • M bobbins, metal and cardboard sides
  • Needle plate screwdriver
  • Bobbin tension screwdriver
  • Pack of 10 Groz-Beckert needles
  • Allen key
  • Superior King Tut thread sample spools
  • Two spool vertical thread stand
  • Rotary hook oil tube
  • Instructions & DVD

Stitches Types And Styles

The Tin Lizzie 18DLS Long Arm Quilting Machine has a single stitch that is controlled via the LCD panel at the front of the sewing head. The convenient panel also includes the stitch speed settings.

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