Singer Simple 3223 Review | Lightweight & portable sewing machine

The singer is undoubtedly the leading brand in the sewing machine sector, possibly being the most innovative brand since it introduced many of the functions that are common in sewing machines today to the market for the first time. The  Singer brand is preferred by seamstresses due to its high quality, resistance, durability, and attractive prices.

This time I present to you a Singer model from the Simple range, and this name is very well deserved because without a doubt its designs are very simple to use. The Singer Simple 3223 is your best option if you are looking for your first sewing machine or if you are not looking to sew at a professional level, with it, you can learn to sew in a practical and simple way.

It stands out for offering exact functions for those new to the world of sewing, let’s be honest, the simple 3223 does not belong to the fastest models, nor to the most powerful, but the truth is that it perfectly meets the objective for the one designed.

Singer Simple 3223 Review | Lightweight & portable sewing machine

Below I will present you a study about said machine that I have prepared with great care for you, I will mention the main characteristics of the Singer Simple 3223 with the intention that you inform yourself correctly, and evaluate if this model fits your particular needs. Keep reading more about this machine and you will know the advantages and disadvantages of choosing it.


  • Easy to use
  • compact design
  • easy to transport
  • Performs most basic functions


  • It does not have a double-needle function.

Features of the Singer Simple 3223 Sewing Machine

This is a portable sewing machine that can be transported without so many complications, it works mechanically, and its design is elegant, practical, compact, and easy to use.

In addition, it features a fairly durable metal frame. Thanks to its free arm, it allows sewing on any tubular garment such as cuffs or sleeves by removing the base extension.

It offers a total of 23 different stitch patterns. It cannot perform specialized stitches such as overlock, but you will be able to perform decorative, utilitarian, and flexible stitches, the exact ones to learn to sew.

It features the automatic winder function that allows simple and fast thread filling on the bobbin by simply pressing the needle insulator. In addition, the steering wheel allows the needle to be lowered and raised when necessary.

And if it was not enough! Contains Easy Threading Guide which will help you thread the thread quickly and easily. The reverse lever prevents the seam from unraveling by binding at the beginning and at the end.

Highlight Features

  • This is a basic, stretch, and decorative with 101 Stitch Applications
  • Has a 4-Step Buttonhole to sew buttonholes in four easy steps
  • Have Free Arm to sew hard-to-reach areas like this in trouser hems
  • This has adjustable Length & Zigzag Width; customize for applique and more
  • This has 5.2 inches of sewing space (needle to tower) and a 4.3-inch height
  • It uses SINGER Class 15 Transparent bobbins and 23 built-in stitches
  • Has Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Easy to use, and 100% reliable for a mid-basic and stater user


It has 4 coils and works with a vertical winding system, adapting to widths of up to 5mm.

Stitch Applications

Click here for Stitch Applications of this sewing machine PDF


Allows you to work with zipper and buttonhole seams. It has a 4-step buttonhole and buttonhole foot.


This model requires to be connected by cable to work; that is, it is not wireless or battery-powered.

knee lifter

This model does not have a knee lifter function.

stitch tip

It has no function to make lockstitch.

needle plate

It has a plate that covers impellers that facilitates the threading of the needle and, therefore, the work with the device. It has an automatic threading function.


This sewing machine has a button that can be adjusted from 1-3 and that indicates the pressure of the presser foot. It has a basic presser foot, for button and for buttonhole.

sewing bed

The shape of the sewing bed is cylindrical, a fact that facilitates the use of the device.

bobbin holder

It has 4 integrated coils.

stitch selector

For the price of the simple singer 3223, this model allows us to work with up to 23 different stitches. It does not allow special stitches, such as the overlock stitch so popular among other models.


It does not have a double-needle function.

Singer simple 3223 manual PDF


  • It is a simple machine, easy to handle, comfortable, and compact.
  • Performs most basic functions.
  • Suitable for children, even the smallest of the house can use it without any problem.
  • It allows you to sew zippers and buttonholes in a simple way.


  • It does not have a knee lifter.
  • Do not use double needles.


  • Basic presser foot, for closures, buttons, and buttonholes.
  • Needle pack.
  • 4 coils.
  • Brush brush.
  • Flat screwdriver.
  • 2 felt bases.
  • Plate covers impellers.
  • Padding Guide

Our Take on the Singer Simple 3223 Sewing Machine

The Singer 3223 Simple is a highly sought-after machine model in online stores. It represents a model of a brand of excellent quality for being one of the most recognized worldwide.

For people who venture into the world of sewing, it represents an excellent choice, since it allows different types of seams to be made, which is a great point in its favor.

That is why users always express very positive opinions about this equipment, in addition to being a very simple machine to use, it has many basic functions.

The price is another advantage of this machine since they are usually very accessible. Online stores, enjoy excellent scores and comments in terms of quality and price.

In short, despite not being one of the most specialized and fastest models, the  Singer 3223 Simple meets all the needs of beginner users.


Conclusions and Why Buy the Singer Simple 3223 Sewing Machine?

It is clear that if you choose to buy a  Singer Simple 3223 sewing machine you will be making a good decision because it is a high-quality machine, made with the best materials, making it strong, and resistant, but very delicate when it comes to sewing and making great designs.

In summary, the Simple 3223  is a sewing machine suitable for all types of users, very versatile, good quality/price ratio, powerful and complete features. A very successful purchase.

If you have already made the decision to buy a  Singer Simple 3223 Sewing Machine, I tell you that it is a good decision and your choice will depend on your needs and budget, but if you still have not decided and want to explore the market to study other options, I recommend you consult my website where I have other evaluated Singer 3221 Simple Review or Singer Simple 3232 Review

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