Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Review | Awesome sewing machine start sewing your dreams!

In the vast universe of sewing machines, the Singer fashion mate 3342 emerges as a standout. Tailored specifically for both novice and experienced seamstresses alike, this machine effortlessly blends timeless Singer quality with modern convenience.

Users, ranging from hobbyists to professional designers, can attest to its remarkable features, ensuring that every stitch and seam is perfect. Its wide array of features facilitates numerous sewing activities, whether it’s basic stitching or complex quilting.

This review delves deep into what the Singer 3342 offers, its advantages, and how it might just be the ideal addition to your sewing arsenal. If you’re keen on unraveling the story behind the growing popularity of the Singer 3342, you’re in for a treat. Stay with us for an in-depth Singer 3342 review, where functionality meets passion.

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Reviews | Awesome sewing machine start sewing your dreams!


Singer 3342 Review: Embarking on a Seamless Journey with the Fashion Mate

In a world increasingly dominated by quick fixes and instant gratifications, finding a hobby that nurtures patience, creativity, and precision is truly a gem. Sewing, for me, has been that invaluable jewel. And like any craftsperson, my journey is largely defined by the tools I use. This brings me to the Singer 3342, more fondly known as the Fashion Mate. In this Singer 3342 review, I aim to share my experience with this machine and why it stands out in the vast expanse of sewing machines.

 First Glimpse: A Promise of Dreams

The Fashion Mate 3342 arrived at my workspace accompanied by the promise of “sewing dreams.” Indeed, the very ethos of this machine is to cater to varied aspirations—be it crafts, home decor, or fashions. And from the get-go, it was evident that this was a machine that held the potential to transform dreams into tangible realities.

Venturing Beyond the Basics

While the Singer 3342 is often touted for its basics, my experience revealed that it offers much more. With 110 different stitch applications, the machine truly is a canvas for creativity. This vast array of stitches, coupled with adjustable lengths and widths, provides an expansive playground for anyone with a vision.

One of the highlights, as I explored deeper into the machine’s offerings, was the seamless buttonhole feature. Whether I was working on fashion accessories or decorative pillows, the Singer 3342 ensured that every buttonhole was consistent and precise—an aspect I can’t stress enough in this Singer 3342 review.

Accessories Galore: A Treasure Trove for Crafters

A significant part of my seamless experience with the Singer 3342 can be attributed to the variety of accessories it houses. From the General Purpose Foot, Buttonhole Foot, and Zipper Foot, to the bonus SINGER® Sew Easy Foot (which might vary in availability), the machine offers an accessory for every need. The inclusion of bobbins, darning plates, needles, and even a seam ripper, further enhances its utility.

But what truly stands out, and something I must mention in this Singer 3342 review, is the Edge/Quilting Guide. For someone who frequently ventures into quilting, this guide proved to be a godsend, ensuring precision with every stitch.

Guidance at Your Fingertips

While the Singer 3342 is a powerhouse of features, it never leaves the user feeling overwhelmed. The Online Owner’s Class, a comprehensive guide, is always at one’s disposal, ensuring that any query or concern is addressed. Additionally, the SINGER® Sewing Assistant App acts as a constant companion, offering assistance and inspiration in equal measures.

Crafting Projects: The Fashion Mate Experience

Over the months, the Fashion Mate 3342 has been an integral part of countless projects. From simple home decor items to intricate fashion pieces, the machine has delivered consistently. The variety of stitch types, combined with its intuitive design, ensured that every project bore a personal touch.

Gifts became a regular affair, with friends and family often being at the receiving end of customized creations. Whether it was a delicately embroidered cushion or a bespoke dress, the Singer 3342 was my trusted partner.

Reliability and Consistency: The Hallmarks of Singer 3342

As I near the end of this Singer 3342 review, I must reiterate the machine’s reliability. Each sewing session, irrespective of its duration or complexity, was marked by consistency. The machine’s design, which seamlessly blends traditional Singer craftsmanship with modern innovations, ensures that it caters to both beginners and seasoned seamstresses.

Certainly! Based on the information you’ve provided and the known attributes of Singer sewing machines, here’s a list of the pros and cons of the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 sewing machine:

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine: Pros and Cons


  • Diverse Stitching Options: With 110 stitch applications, the machine offers a comprehensive range for all your sewing needs, from basic to decorative stitches.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features like the automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin ensure that setting up and using the machine is hassle-free, even for beginners.
  • One-Step Buttonhole: This feature provides a consistent and professional finish for buttonholes, adding a polished look to projects.
  • Adjustability: The machine allows for adjustable stitch length and width, offering greater flexibility and customization for various sewing projects.
  • LED Lighting: The inbuilt LED light ensures clarity, providing a well-lit workspace for better visibility, especially during precision tasks.
  • Resourceful Online Support: The Online Owner’s Class and the SINGER® Sewing Assistant App provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance, making the sewing journey smoother.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Kit: It comes with an array of essential sewing accessories, ensuring users have everything they need to kickstart their projects.


  • Not Ideal for Heavy-Duty Projects: While versatile, the machine might struggle with very thick or heavy materials like leather or multiple layers of denim.
  • Learning Curve for Beginners: While it’s user-friendly, the sheer number of stitch options and features may be overwhelming for absolute beginners.
  • Potential Bobbin Issues: Like many sewing machines, there can occasionally be issues with bobbin tension or jamming, requiring adjustments or troubleshooting.
  • Plastic Components: Some parts of the machine are made of plastic, which might not be as durable as metal components in the long run.

This list gives a balanced view of the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 sewing machine, but it’s always essential for potential buyers to consider their specific needs and preferences when making a purchase.


Certainly! Based on the information you provided about the Singer 3342, also known as the Fashion Mate, here are its main key features:

Singer 3342 (Fashion Mate) Key Features:

  1. Diverse Stitching Options: With 110 different stitch applications, it offers a wide range of stitch types suitable for various projects. This includes basic, decorative, and even stretch stitches for different fabric types.
  2. One-Step Buttonhole: Seamlessly sew buttonholes in a single step, ensuring consistent results across various projects, be it on clothing, accessories, or home decor.
  3. Adjustable Stitch Length and Width: Provides flexibility and customization in designs, allowing the user to adapt according to the specific requirements of each project.
  4. Automatic Needle Threader: A hassle-free and efficient way to get the machine threaded, saving time and reducing eye strain.
  5. Top Drop-in Bobbin: Facilitates easy threading, ensuring smoother and more reliable stitching, and makes it easier to monitor thread supply.
  6. LED Lighting: Offers clear visibility of the work area, essential for precision and detailed work.
  7. Comprehensive Accessories: The machine comes packed with a variety of essential accessories such as:
  • General Purpose Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • SINGER® Sew Easy Foot (availability may vary)
  • Bobbins (Class 15 transparent)
  • Darning Plate
  • Pack of Needles
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
  • Spool Cap
  • Edge/Quilting Guide

8. Online Owner’s Class & SINGER® Sewing Assistant App: Provides easy-to-access sewing instruction and guidance, ensuring users can make the most out of their machine.

These key features highlight the versatility and user-friendliness of the Singer 3342, making it suitable for a range of sewing projects from simple crafts to more intricate fashion designs.


Here’s a typical list of accessories that might come with the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 when purchased:

Singer 3342 reviews - Accessories

  1. General Purpose Foot: Useful for a majority of sewing tasks.
  2. Buttonhole Foot: Essential for creating buttonholes.
  3. Button Sewing Foot: Designed for attaching buttons.
  4. Zipper Foot: Useful for sewing zippers onto garments and other items.
  5. SINGER® Sew Easy Foot: (may vary in availability) Helps in sewing straight seams.
  6. Bobbins (Class 15 transparent): Spools to hold the bottom thread.
  7. Darning Plate: Useful for certain types of embroidery or repairing holes.
  8. Pack of Needles: Various sizes and types of needles for different fabrics and tasks.
  9. Auxiliary Spool Pin: An additional spool pin for holding thread.
  10. Seam Ripper/Lint Brush: A tool for undoing stitches and cleaning lint from the machine.
  11. Spool Cap: Prevents thread from tangling.
  12. Edge/Quilting Guide: Assists in making straight lines or patterns when quilting.

It’s important to note that the specific accessories included might vary depending on the seller or any promotional offers available at the time of purchase on Amazon. Always refer to the product description or contact the seller directly on Amazon to get an accurate list of what’s included with your purchase.

Singer fashion mate 3342 Sewing Machine Manual PDF

Singer 3342 Review: Embarking on a Seamless Journey with the Fashion Mate


Our Take: Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Review | Awesome Sewing Machine Start Sewing Your Dreams!

The sewing community is abuzz with numerous brands and models that claim to provide the best sewing experience. However, not all live up to the promise. In our pursuit to give our readers the most genuine and insightful reviews, today, we delve deep into the Singer Fashion Mate 3342. Does it genuinely offer a dreamy sewing experience? Let’s find out in our Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Review.

Benefits: More than Just a Machine

  • Diverse Stitching Landscape: With 110 stitch applications, the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 isn’t just a machine; it’s an artist’s palette. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this vast range ensures you never feel restricted in expressing your creativity.
  • User-friendly Features: The automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbin, and one-step buttonhole are not just features; they are thoughtful additions. They significantly reduce setup time, allowing you to jump right into your project.
  • Customization at its Best: Adjustable stitch length and width mean that this machine caters to the specific nuances of every project. Whether you’re working on delicate fabrics or robust materials, the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 adapts seamlessly.
  • Illuminated Workspace: The LED lighting ensures that you never miss a detail, making precision work not just possible but enjoyable.

End User Experience: Dreamy Indeed

The true test of any product lies in the experience it offers to its end-users. And from the myriad of feedback we gathered, the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 truly shines in this aspect.

  • Consistent Performance: Users have frequently lauded the machine’s consistent and reliable performance. From simple crafts to intricate fashion designs, the machine has consistently delivered.
  • Learning and Growth: With the online owner’s class and the SINGER® Sewing Assistant App, beginners found it incredibly easy to start their sewing journey. The machine, while packed with features, never feels overwhelming.
  • Versatile Projects: From home decor to fashion, users have experimented with a wide range of projects, and the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 has risen to the occasion every single time.

Who actually user for

The Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is a dynamic sewing machine designed to cater to both budding sewing enthusiasts and seasoned crafters. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its wide variety of stitch applications, makes it a versatile choice for a range of projects. While it’s an ideal starting machine for beginners who are just venturing into the world of sewing, seeking a machine that’s easy to understand and use, it’s equally valued by more experienced users who appreciate its reliability and adaptability for various tasks. Whether it’s for simple crafts, home decor, or intricate fashion designs, the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 offers a seamless sewing experience, making it a favorite choice for a broad spectrum of users.

The Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. It caters to a broad audience and is equipped to handle a diverse range of sewing tasks, making it a valuable addition to any sewing room.

  • Beginners: With its straightforward interface and helpful features, the Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is ideal for those just stepping into the world of sewing. It offers the essential functions without overwhelming novices.
  • Intermediate Sewers: Those who have some experience but are looking to upgrade from a more basic machine will find the 3342 to be a valuable tool. Its array of stitches and customization features allows for more advanced projects.
  • Hobbyists: For those who sew as a pastime, the Fashion Mate 3342 offers a blend of simplicity and versatility. Whether it’s mending, crafting, or garment creation, this machine caters to a variety of needs.
  • Fashion Students: Given its name, “Fashion Mate,” it’s no surprise that this machine is also geared towards budding fashion designers and students. Its range of features allows them to experiment with various fabrics and designs.

However, The Singer Fashion Mate 3342 isn’t just a sewing machine. It’s a promise—a promise of reliability, creativity, and unmatched user experience. Whether you’re just starting or have been sewing for years, this machine is a valuable addition to your crafting arsenal.

Our Singer Fashion Mate 3342 review, in essence, mirrors the sentiments of countless users: it’s a machine that truly lets you “start sewing your dreams.”

Final Words: An Ode to the Fashion Mate

In the vast realm of sewing machines, the Singer 3342, or the Fashion Mate, is truly a standout. It understands the dreams of its users, offering tools and features that transform these dreams into reality. Its expansive stitch applications, coupled with an array of accessories, ensure that creativity knows no bounds.

For anyone on the fence, this Singer 3342 review serves as an earnest recommendation. The machine is not just a tool; it’s a companion, a mate that stands by you as you weave dreams, stitch by stitch.

As of my last update,  I don’t have access to real-time, specific customer reviews from platforms like Amazon or other online marketplaces. However, based on the information provided earlier and typical feedback trends for Singer sewing machines, I can provide a general overview:

Customer Opinion and Review for Singer Fashion Mate 3342

Positive Feedback:

“1. Ease of Use: Many users appreciate the machine’s user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced sewers to operate.

2. Versatility: With 110 stitch applications, customers enjoy the wide variety of sewing options, from basic stitches to decorative designs.

3. Consistent Performance: Users have noted that the machine provides consistent results, whether sewing simple crafts or more intricate fashion items.

4. Helpful Online Resources: The Online Owner’s Class and SINGER® Sewing Assistant App are seen as valuable resources, especially for those new to sewing.

5. Comprehensive Accessories: Many are pleased with the range of accessories provided with the machine, indicating they have everything they need to start their projects.”

Areas for Improvement:

“1. Durability Concerns: Some users might have concerns about parts of the machine made of plastic and their long-term durability.

2. Handling Heavy Fabrics: A few users could find that the machine struggles with thicker materials or multiple layers of heavy fabric.

3. Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendliness, absolute beginners might find the variety of stitch options a bit overwhelming initially.”

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