Singer 2282 Tradition Review – Is it worth your time and money?

A Singer sewing machine for less than $100? This is a deal of a century. Really this Singer sewing machine has everything you need to do all your basic projects and even many advanced ones. A sewing machine beginners can start using right away but will last for years. The singer is a tradition in most sewing homes because it’s a brand you can count on and this beginner sewing machine would be on my list of the best ones! This is one of the best sewing machines beginners would love.

The Singer Tradition 2282 sewing machine is one of the best models for those who want to start sewing and for those who plan to use it occasionally.

It is a mechanical sewing machine, small in size and portable, easy to store, in its upper part, it has a folding handle to be able to transport it easily.

This easy-to-use Singer sewing machine saves time because of the many built-in automatic features so it’s a great first sewing machine! 32-stitches (basic, stretch, and decorative) are built-in so you can work your way up from simple things to some fashionable garments and home decor.

What I like the most: several things. This sewing machine features an automatic four-step buttonhole, easy stitch selection, and snap-on presser feet. And best of all, you thread the machine quickly and easily by just following the arrows on the machine! Sometimes it comes down to aesthetics. I love the shape of this machine.

In this space, I intend to show you an incredible variety of information about the Singer Tradition 2282 sewing machine, so that you know its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages and finally, you can decide if this model is just what you are looking for.

singer 2282 tradition review
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  • Good value for money.
  • It is practical, it does not need a lot of space to put it to work, and it can achieve top-quality results. Although it has a small size, its internal metal structure makes it robust.
  • It can be stored almost anywhere.


  • It is a machine designed for you to use occasionally.
  • If you plan to give it a longer use, you should opt for more professional models.

Key Feature of the Singer Tradition 2282 Sewing Machine

The Singer Tradition 2282 sewing machine is mechanical, it has the ability to sew with different sizes and shapes of stitches, to make creative finishes on your pieces; Its measurements are 40 cm long, 30 cm high and 18 cm wide, weighing 7.2 kilos.

The Singer Tradition 2282 sewing machine offers 32 different stitches, it has a light bulb to illuminate the work area. The motor of this machine has the necessary power to work with a variety of fabrics, with ease.

The path that the thread must follow to thread, and wind the bobbins, is drawn on the machine. It has a free arm, it has 2 needle positions.

It has  Pressomatic System, to automatically adjust the pressure of the presser foot. It includes a buttonhole at one time and an automatic threading device, an automatic winder at the top, and uses a vertical winding system for the bobbins and a return lever with which you can finish the seams avoiding lint.


It has 3 bobbins of plastic material, it works with a type of automatic bobbin winding.


Work with a 4-stroke automatic buttonhole. It offers 6 useful stitches and 3 decorative ones.


It works thanks to the electricity supply coming from a cable that measures 1.8m. and 120V

knee lifter

This model does not have a knee lifter function.

stitch tip

The opinions indicate that it is capable of making topstitch without a problem.

needle plate

It has a special plate that facilitates the threading of the needle and the use of the machine.

Introduce them

It has four (4) presser feet: for buttonholes, zippers, buttons, and universal. Also has a seam ripper and guide for sewing quilts and borders.

sewing bed

It has a free arm, so the sewing bed is cylindrical.

coil holder

The winding is an automatic bobbin.

stitch selector

We can select the stitch between 10 different programs.


You cannot do double needlework.


  • It is practical, it does not need a lot of space to put it to work, and it can achieve top-quality results. Although it has a small size, its internal metal structure makes it robust.
  • It can be stored almost anywhere.
  • It is a very easy machine to use, with automatic functions such as the buttonhole and threader. It is ideal to start in the world of sewing. It brings several accessories with which you can experiment with different fabrics, and learn basic sewing techniques.
  • Good value for money.


  • It is a machine designed for you to use occasionally. If you plan to give it a longer use, you should opt for more professional models.


  • universal presser foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button presser foot
  • needle pack
  • seam ripper brush
  • Impeller cover plate
  • 2 thread clips
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush and a can of machine oil
  • dust cover

Our take on the Singer Tradition 2282 Sewing Machine

The opinions of those who have purchased a Singer Tradition 2282 machine indicate that it is a  resistant, light sewing machine that is very easy to use, it is quite complete, which is why they place it as one of the best sewing machines of the traditional series.

For all the features provided by this machine, we are facing an unbeatable value for money.

The configuration of the Singer Tradition 2282 is completely manual, it is enough to follow the instructions and perform some tests to know the results, so it is always ready to sew with the configuration that we like the most.

Likewise, there are unfavorable opinions regarding the instruction manual that is not in Spanish, it only comes in English and this machine is designed for occasional use, if you plan to use it for a longer period of time, it is better to opt for more professional models.

Conclusions and Why Buy a Singer Tradition 2282 Sewing Machine?

The Singer Tradition 2282 machine is a high-quality sewing machine, it is very easy to use, with basic functions, and is lightweight, making it easy to transport.

Buying the Singer Tradition 2282 is one of the best acquisitions since it meets the basic and necessary requirements to achieve a  good seam and due to its simplicity when using it, it is suitable for inexperienced people and also accustomed to the use of this type of device. On the other hand, we are facing a machine with long useful life, easy to store.

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