Your fashion is your character! What you wear reflects who you are? If you wear common and uninteresting clothes, it can mean that you are a boring person. And nobody wants to be called as such…

People often judge by watching how other people dress themselves. One look and they will be able to deduce many facts about you. It is as if your whole biography is written in your shirt. It is as if there is a whole psychoanalytical report printed in your pants.

People can easily tell who you are and what you do by simply looking at your clothes. Try looking outside, for instance, examine the people walking by. You can easily tell or at least predict where that person came from, or what that person does by looking at the clothes they wear. Seeing a man with long sleeve well iron polo will probably tell you he is into the corporate world. The guy wearing jerseys, holding a ball will most likely be into basketball and the athletic type in general. That little girl in her pink dress, who chases butterflies while carrying his cute ragdoll will tell you that she is innocent, carefree and blissful.

These are just a few examples. I’m sure you know these things very well. Whether having this kind of system of thought is wrong or not is the point of discussion in this writing. I think the more important note is that these things exist. They are real; unavoidable they are here to stay forever.

Stereotypes follow this trend. And unless you have a thick stomach, you wouldn’t really mind what others would tell you. That is why you should pay attention to what you wear. Apart from the issues that vulgar and inappropriate clothing bring, there are other fashion-related issue that should be tackled – among them the issue of sameness.

It is indeed to look cool. That is why many people often mimic those hot and fashion stars in choosing their clothes. Whatever this Hollywood star wears, they buy it, they get it, and they wear it. It is as if they are the unsung clones of famous people, like they are the unofficial doubles of these stars.

Another thing is the bandwagon effect. If this is the “in” style, this is what I would wear. That idea is very common, both in the teens and the young at hearts. It is as if they only rely on fashion magazines in what they should wear. Whatever a certain designer tells, they follow it like their religion. Whatever is being endorsed in TV or in magazines they would immediately buy it and wear it the next day.

Have you ever experienced walking on a street, school, or in office, and then one of your co-workers or your neighbors will accidentally bump you, only to notice that you two are wearing the same thing? How about strolling the mall, then a look at your left then you will see a mannequin wearing the same thing that you are wearing right at the instant. Embarrassing right?

This shouldn’t be the case. There are many ways to make your clothes and the way you appear unique. You can give character and identity to what you wear even if you didn’t order the clothes from a personal tailor. You can have clothes that resemble you even if you get it because your idol endorsed it. You can make your popular clothe unique and yet still in style. How? You can achieve this by adding embroidered prints on it.

Embroidered patches and clothe parts can add dimension to what you wear. It is cheap, easily customizable to your taste. With the latest trend of automated embroidery production, you can simply have whatever design that you like. Putting a little embroidered material on what you wear can make a big difference. It can also be a way of expressing your self.

How does having a single design that represents your character appearing on your handkerchief, or your t-shirt’s patch spot? These are just a few ways on how you can be unique and expressive with embroidered designs and patches.