Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine Reviews

I feel the need for speed! Sewing is great fun when you’re actually making progress, right? Not so much when you’re fighting with broken needles, messed up timing, or a just plain slow machine.

The Pfaff 1245 is the ideal straight stitch machine for leather, upholstery work, and production sewing of costumes and fashion products. The 1/2 horsepower clutch motor helps it sew up to 2800 stitches per minute, making it a true industrial-grade sewing machine.

Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine Reviews

Features that make this machine awesome for high-volume sewing include a compound walking foot and needle feed. They work in unison to provide excellent traction and prevent multiple layers of fabric from slipping and sliding and making a general mess of your project. The motor comes with an unassembled power stand, available in 110 or 220 volts. (110 is standard house current, and 220 needs those giant outlets used for your washer and dryer.)

The machine comes with a vertical rotary hook (standard on most industrial sewing machines) but it has 60% more bobbin thread capacity than the standard size. The bobbin area also has an automatic hook lubrication system, which is good when you sew a lot and don’t have a mechanic on staff to do regular maintenance on your hard-working baby.

The high-top feed lift means heavy materials are no problem, even when going over bulky seams that can be 8 or 12 layers thick. No surprise since the machine was engineered to sew upholstery, drapes, furniture, tents, car tops, and other heavy-duty projects. You’ll find loading and unloading easy, too. The fabric clearance is 14mm, higher than most.

Real User Feedback by Case Study:

Case Study: Enhancing Garment Production with the Pfaff 1245 in a Boutique Fashion Studio


Business: Trendsetters Boutique Location: San Francisco, California Objective: To improve efficiency and quality in the production of custom garments.

Trendsetters Boutique, a boutique fashion studio in San Francisco, specializes in creating bespoke garments including intricate dresses, tailored leather jackets, and heavy denim wear. The studio faced challenges in maintaining high productivity and exceptional stitch quality, particularly when working with varied and often challenging fabrics. Integrating the Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine was aimed at addressing these challenges.


  1. Diverse Fabric Types: The studio frequently worked with a range of fabrics, from delicate silks for dresses to tough leather for jackets.
  2. Consistent High-Quality Stitching: For their high-end clientele, maintaining top-notch, durable stitching was crucial, especially for garments like leather jackets that demand precision.
  3. Meeting Tight Deadlines: With a growing reputation, the studio needed to meet tight deadlines while ensuring the quality of their custom garments.


  1. Adoption of the Pfaff 1245: Trendsetters Boutique invested in the Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine, attracted by its high-speed capabilities and robust fabric handling features.
  2. Staff Skill Enhancement: The studio provided extensive training for their designers and seamstresses to fully leverage the advanced functionalities of the Pfaff 1245.
  3. Workflow Refinement: Workflow was reorganized to optimize the use of the Pfaff 1245, especially for complex projects involving thick or layered materials.


  1. Increased Production Efficiency: The Pfaff 1245’s high-speed sewing of up to 2800 stitches per minute significantly boosted the studio’s production capacity, reducing the time taken for each garment.
  2. Elevated Quality Standards: The machine’s exceptional handling of diverse fabrics, from delicate silks to tough leather, ensured high-quality, consistent stitching, vital for luxury garments.
  3. Heightened Customer Satisfaction: Faster turnaround times, combined with improved garment quality, led to greater customer satisfaction and an uptick in repeat and referral business.
  4. Reduced Maintenance Needs: The Pfaff 1245’s automatic hook lubrication and durable build decreased the need for frequent maintenance, ensuring more consistent operation and lesser downtime.

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Key Features and Specifications

  1. High Traction with Unison Feed: The Pfaff 1245 is equipped with a unison feed mechanism, ensuring high traction during sewing. This feature helps maintain consistent fabric movement, ensuring accurate stitches.
  2. Even Feed Motion: The machine’s feed system is designed to prevent ply shift of individual fabric layers. This means that multiple layers of fabric can be sewn together without any shifting or misalignment, which is crucial for maintaining quality in layered projects.
  3. Large Vertical Rotary Hook: One of the standout features of the Pfaff 1245 is its large vertical rotary hook, which offers 60% more bobbin thread capacity compared to standard-sized hooks. This increased capacity (with 40/3 threads: 50 meters) reduces the frequency of bobbin changes, enhancing sewing efficiency, especially for extensive sewing projects.
  4. Automatic Hook Lubrication System: The machine includes an automatic hook lubrication system, ensuring that the hook is consistently lubricated. This feature helps in prolonging the machine’s life, preventing premature wear and tear due to friction.
  5. Built-in Overload Coupling for Thread Jamming Protection: The Pfaff 1245 features a standard built-in overload coupling (M), offering perfect protection against thread jamming. This ensures smoother operation and reduces the risk of damage to the machine due to thread-related issues.
  6. Rugged and Durable Construction: The construction of the Pfaff 1245 is both rugged and durable, making it suitable for heavy-duty sewing tasks. This robust build ensures that the machine can withstand the rigors of extensive use in industrial settings.
  7. High Top Feed Lift (7 mm): The machine boasts a high top feed lift of 7 mm, allowing for trouble-free sewing of thick materials and easy sewing over cross seams. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with bulky or layered materials, as it facilitates easier fabric handling.
  8. Accessible and Easy Service: Pfaff provides easy and accessible service for the 1245 model, ensuring that maintenance and repairs can be handled efficiently, thus minimizing downtime for the user.

Highlight Features

  • This is high traction due to having a unison feed
  • Has feed motion without any kind of ply shift of individual layers
  • This has a Large vertical rotary hook, which has 60% more bobbin thread capacity other than other standard-sized hooks (capacity with 40/3 threads: 50 m)
  • This has an automatic hook lubrication system
  • This has perfect hook protection against thread jamming due to standard built-in overload coupling (M)
  • This has rugged as well as durable machine construction
  • This high top feed lift (7 mm) allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and easy sewing over cross seams
  • You will get easy service from the company

The Nitty-Gritty Technical Specifications:

  • Sews up to 2800 stitches per minute depending on motor speed and pulley size
  • Unison presser feet provide excellent traction
  • Even feed motion without any ply-shift of individual layers
  • Large vertical rotary hook includes 60% more bobbin thread capacity than any other standard-sized hooks
  • Automatic hook lubrication
  • Efficient hook protection due to standard built-in overload coupling
  • Rugged and durable
  • High top feed lift allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and easy sewing over cross seams
  • Good control of bulky material – due to a high fabric clearance of 14 mm
  • Extremely quiet running and ergonomic design
  • Made to handle furniture, upholstery, drapes, and more
  • Needle system: 134-35R

Needle Size Information:

  • 207 top thread and #138 Bobbin thread use a #23/160 needle
  • 138 top thread and #138 Bobbin thread use a #22/140 needle
  • 92 top thread and a #92 or #69 bobbin thread use a #21/120 needle
  • 69 top thread and a #69 bobbin thread use a #20/110 needle

This item ships with an unassembled power stand and a 1/2 HP clutch motor.
Pfaff designs some of the best upholstery and leather machines in the market. They have been perfecting sewing machine engineering for over 145 years. Although they’re a German company, they’re well-known all around the world for high-quality precision sewing equipment.

The Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine stands out as a top choice for both garment creation and heavy-duty sewing tasks, thanks to its exceptional features and capabilities. Here’s an overview of why it’s highly regarded, along with information about where you can find it.

Why the Pfaff 1245 is Excellent for Garments and Heavy-Duty Items

  1. High-Speed Sewing Capability: The Pfaff 1245 can perform up to 2800 stitches per minute, making it incredibly efficient for quick project completion, a vital attribute for both commercial production and personal crafting.
  2. Strong Build for Tough Materials: This machine is built to handle sturdy materials, making it ideal for sewing heavy fabrics such as leather and denim, as well as managing multiple layers without compromising stitch quality.
  3. Smooth Fabric Handling: Thanks to its compound walking foot and needle feed, the Pfaff 1245 expertly handles thick or layered fabrics, ensuring steady stitching and preventing fabric slippage.
  4. Large Bobbin Capacity: The machine’s vertical rotary hook offers 60% more bobbin thread capacity compared to standard models, which is particularly beneficial for extensive sewing projects as it minimizes the need for frequent bobbin changes.
  5. Versatile Sewing Range: The Pfaff 1245 is capable of a wide range of sewing projects, from delicate fashion items to robust materials used in upholstery and outdoor fabrics, showcasing its adaptability.

Availability and Locations

  • Worldwide Distribution: Pfaff is a globally recognized German brand, and the Pfaff 1245 is available in many countries around the world.
  • Specialty Sewing Machine Stores: You can find this model in stores specializing in sewing equipment. These outlets often provide additional services like demonstrations and after-sales support.
  • Online Retail: The Pfaff 1245 is also sold through various online platforms, including specialized e-commerce sites for sewing machines and larger general online retailers.
  • Second-Hand Options: The Pfaff 1245’s durability makes it a common item in the second-hand market. Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and sewing forums are good places to look for used machines.
  • Repair Shops: Some repair shops that focus on industrial sewing machines might offer refurbished or used Pfaff 1245 machines, usually at a more affordable price, often with servicing and a warranty.

Our Take on the Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine

After reviewing various sources and user testimonials, it’s clear that the Pfaff 1245 Sewing Machine is a remarkable tool for both professional and avid sewers. Its standout features make it an excellent choice for a wide range of sewing applications. Here’s our perspective on this machine:

High-Speed and Efficient Performance

The Pfaff 1245’s ability to perform up to 2800 stitches per minute sets it apart from standard sewing machines. This high-speed capability is a significant advantage for projects requiring quick completion, such as in the production of fashion and costume design, as well as in upholstery work. This speed doesn’t just mean faster sewing; it translates into increased productivity and efficiency, particularly valuable in commercial settings.

Exceptional Fabric Handling

The compound walking foot and needle feed mechanism of the Pfaff 1245 is a game-changer, especially for those working with layered or thick materials. This feature offers unparalleled traction, ensuring smooth fabric handling and consistent stitch quality. It’s particularly beneficial for projects that involve multiple layers of fabric, where maintaining alignment and stitch integrity is crucial.

Advanced Features for Convenience and Durability

With its large vertical rotary hook, the Pfaff 1245 addresses one of the most time-consuming aspects of sewing: bobbin changes. By offering 60% more bobbin thread capacity than standard hooks, it significantly reduces the frequency of bobbin replacements, enhancing workflow efficiency. The automatic hook lubrication system is another thoughtful addition, ensuring the machine’s longevity and consistent performance with minimal maintenance effort.

Designed for Heavy-Duty Sewing

The Pfaff 1245 shines in its ability to handle heavy-duty sewing tasks. Its high top feed lift (7 mm) allows for easy sewing of thick materials and seamless sewing over cross seams. Combined with its rugged construction, the machine is well-suited for demanding projects like sewing upholstery, tents, car tops, and other substantial materials. This makes it a reliable choice for industries that work with heavy or challenging fabrics.

Quiet and Smooth Operation

In a departure from many industrial machines, the Pfaff 1245 operates quietly, producing less noise and vibration. This feature is particularly beneficial for those operating in home-based businesses or in environments where maintaining a lower noise level is essential. It allows for a more pleasant working environment without compromising on power or performance.

Versatility and User-Friendly Aspects

The versatility of the Pfaff 1245 cannot be overstated. Capable of handling everything from delicate fashion items to robust outdoor materials, this machine is both adaptable and user-friendly. Its versatility is further enhanced by the company’s commitment to providing accessible and easy service, ensuring that users have support when needed.

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