Why use a long arm quilting machine?

Quilting practice is currently easy and convenient. There is no need of wasting too much time using traditional quilting machines. The Long arm-quilting machine works even faster than the hand-quilting machine. No wonder it has lately gained huge popularity. It is used to simultaneously sew a quilt top, a quilt backing, and a quilt batting into a finished quilt top. Long arm machines have caused the rise in recent years for quilting activity.

The quilters can easily have their quilts ready without tolerating the previously time-consuming process linked with usual machine quilting. The emergence of the long-arm machine has caused the launch of new quilting services. Therefore the sewers could have a professional long-arm service anytime they want as long as they are willing to pay a fee in exchange.

Typically, this machine consists of a 10 to 14-foot table, a sewing machine head, and numerous rollers. Each feature is described below:

The table

Each long arm-quilting machine has a table region. The table’s size in terms of length can range from 10 to 14 feet. It has a flat surface consisting of a thin layer of transparent plastic. You could place all your patterns on this surface. If you want to make larger quilts, it is important to select a larger table.

The sewing head

This is made of sturdy industrial metal. The sewing head is guided using computerized controls or hand controls on both sides. By placing the head on wheels that run on metal tracks along the machine frame, you can cause a full-range movement.

Some sewing machine heads have a laser pointer to guide the user along the pantographs. The pantographs are patterns, which are placed underneath the clear plastic part of the table’s surface. The hand-driven machine head has special handles onto which the user can direct the machine along the textile.

He or she can freely choose the best designs. A computer machine head is quick and convenient. The quilter’s only task is to press a keyboard button. The long-arm machine will sew the selected pattern onto the quilt. The user’s assistance is not needed.

The Metal frame

The machine frame has numerous rolling bars. These rollers hold the textile layers together. On the side of the quilting machine, one can see two rollers called feeder bars. They have a muslin leader onto which the quilt top and the backing can be attached with sewing pins and zippers. Then the fabric can be stretched out tightly on the belly bar. The sewer is free to choose how tight the stitches should be.

Long arm controls

Every machine you are likely to buy has electronic controls serving different roles. They help the sewer to make any adjustments at the same time as the fabric covers the area where the machine runs.

Using the long arm quilting machine, a sewer can quilt two types of designs. One type of design is called a pantograph and the other design is called custom work. A good machine can help you finish any type of design quickly and efficiently. In Northern America, you can find at least ten world-class quilting machine manufacturers. So, you have many models to choose from.