Black & Decker Digital Evolution Steam Iron (D5500) : Let’s Go Digital

black-and-decker-digital, If you don’t like to fiddle with knobs and dials, then the Black & Decker Digital Evolution Steam Iron would meet your needs. A digital control makes everything more precise and for this model, it is easy to use with the press of a button to choose the desired setting by selecting the type of fabric you will be ironing. It is very common to unknowingly knock the rounded dial setting that appears beneath the handle of most irons and having a digital control instead easily solves this problem.

Good And Bad
This Black & Decker D5500 Digital Evolution Steam Iron is a good iron for its price range. It is not the top best iron but neither it is the worst that I have used. It has a ceramic soleplate which means there is a trade-off between smoothness and is scratch-resistant. You cannot compare it with a good stainless steel iron which would usually give you a smoother glide.

This Black & Decker model may drag the material along when ironing that it is imperative that you set the correct temperature for the type of fabric you are pressing. Otherwise, your garment will get bunched up and makes more wrinkles than before. But as mentioned, this is the usual trade-off between the different soleplates and this Black & Decker model glides just as well as most other ceramic irons out there.

Otherwise, you can consider the Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron which carries a stainless steel soleplate.

The steam output can be more for this model but the upside is you don’t have to refill as often compared to some irons which guzzle water to emit an abundance of steam. While I believe more steam is better than less, not everyone likes to iron with more steam than necessary to get the job done. As long as the steam is sufficient to give you a smooth material with 2 or 3 passes, it should be acceptable, unless you are really fussy and what something more efficient.

Another great feature of this iron is that it lets you know when it is ready for use. There a beep sound to alert you when it has reached the right temperature and it doesn’t take long for it to heat up. Not all irons have this sound indicator and if you have gotten used to having it, you do tend to miss it if you start using other irons that don’t have this little feature.

To re-fill this iron, you need to put it flat on its base so that you can see when it hits the maximum allowable. It can be a pain to some as it means you need to unplug the iron to avoid the risk of burning your ironing board cover when refilling. However, because this iron doesn’t guzzle water as mentioned, you don’t really need to refill that often as long as you know how to economize on the steam usage.