Black & Decker F63D The Solid Feel Classic Metal Iron

If you are a sentimental person who scorns upon those modern plastic irons, then the Black & Decker Classic Metal Iron may be for you. Since it is a basic iron without all the bells and whistles, the reason you would want to get this model is for the look that brings back those good old days of simplicity.

The Simple Iron
One warning before you buy the Black & Decker F63D The Classic Metal IronBlack & Decker F63D is that you have to be aware that it doesn’t have all the fancy features like auto-cleaning and vertical steam that are popular with its modern counterparts. It has a dry and steam function with a button to alternate between the two features.

In terms of heat, it is certainly hot enough to get rid of wrinkles. If you bump it up to the higher settings for an extended ironing session, you can even feel the heat through the handle. The steam works fine but it is not as plentiful as most other popular steam irons out in the market. Basically, this iron relies on heat to get the wrinkles and creases off with steam merely complimenting the whole process.

If you like the feel of metal compared to plastics, then this is another reason to settle for this Black & Decker iron. It lends weight to the iron and metal always feels more solid to grip and hold compared to a plastic iron which is usually more flimsy.

While a classic design is the selling point of this iron, it is also its main problem. This means you can’t see the water level at all for this iron and as a result, refilling can be a real pain. However, you can always rely on a measuring cup to get around this problem which is what I tend to do for irons that don’t have a water window.

The other problem with this iron is the slickness of the soleplate. It is not very smooth and at times, you can be left wondering why you put up with a classic iron when you can settle for the more contemporary super glide types. But on the other side of the coin, although it may not be super smooth, it is hot and heavy that it gets the job done just as well with a little practice