Best Electronic Sewing Machines

best electronic sewing machines

An electric type machine presents many differences in relation to mechanical sewing machines, one of these inequalities that they present is that electronic sewing machines are aimed at a more professional sector in the field of sewing.

On the other hand, these machines, instead of having analog buttons, have a fabulous electrical panel, in which various sewing functions can be adjusted, such as the width and length of the stitch, the type of stitch, among others. This speeds up the manufacturing process.

Although electronic sewing machines are a world apart, it is not for less. They are very different from each other, they vary in terms of price, stitches, and designs. If you are looking for the electronic sewing machine that best suits your needs, then let me tell you that you are in the right place. Here is a comparison of these machines that I have made especially for you.

What is the Best Electronic Sewing Machine?

On this occasion, I will start by presenting what for me are the best Electronic sewing machines.

I will summarize this for you later, but first I would like to introduce you to the six models that I have chosen for you.

  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9985
  • Singer Brilliance 6160
  • Brother CX70PE
  • Alpha Smart Plus
  • Bernette Sew&Go 8
  • Brother INNOVIS 55

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Sewing Machine

This machine is of the electronic type, it belongs to the Quantum Stylist series and it is the newest model of the Singer, I tell you that it seems fabulous to me and it would be among the ones I would choose.

The Quantum Stylist 9985 offers over 960 stitches: 10 basic, 21 stretches, 919 decoratives, and 13 fully automatic buttonholes.

In addition, it has a virtual sewing assistant integrated, which is great and will allow you to obtain beautiful creations.

Something important is that it is ideal for anyone, as well as for professionals. In addition, it includes an automatic threader and thread cutter, color touch screen, 13 presser feet, the possibility of lengthening patterns, and a mirror effect.

There is no doubt that this model is particularly great, you will obtain high-quality results more easily than ever and, in addition, you are guaranteed great speed, precision, and durability.


  • 960 built-in stitches
  • Pattern with stretch and mirror function
  • Adaptive Memory
  • Built-in sewing assistance
  • Twin needle option
  • LCD screen


  • Mostly recommended for people with experience


The Quantum Stylist 9985 comes with the following accessories:

  • universal presser foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Presser foot for sewing buttons
  • L-shaped screwdriver
  • Seam ripper/brush
  • oil can
  • needle pack
  • Bobbin
  • Border/Quilt Stitching Guide
  • Iron
  • spool pin
  • carrying case

Singer Brilliance 6160 Sewing Machine

The Singer Brilliance 6160 sewing machine is an electronic model that is designed to satisfy absolutely any demand of even the most difficult customer, being able to perform all kinds of tasks at the reach of a few keys.

It is made to follow the movement of its user, so it becomes completely easy to use even for the most beginner, being an exceptional machine capable of surprising everyone who owns it.

Can you imagine being able to work with 170 different types of stitches, with six (6) white LED lights around the machine and a user-friendly LCD screen? And as if that were not enough, it includes up to 3 different types of alphabets to embroider left and right!

The Singer Brilliance 6160 has a lot to offer, and if we are going to talk about comfort, the best technological advances allow you to use it automatically so that its great use is only a matter of seconds and at the time of day of your choice. It includes a start and stops button as well as the machine includes its pedal to sew at the comfort of your rhythm.

With 91 needle positions, the sewing machine is free-arm for freedom of movement. This sewing machine includes up to 6 types of presser feet, which are: Standard presser foot, Satin stitch presser foot, Zipper foot, Automatic presser foot with 1/4 stabilizer plate, Piecing foot and Darning foot.

As long as your creativity is not a limitation, this sewing machine will allow you to do the unimaginable. Its LCD screen includes 5 main buttons with the functions of automatic thread cutter (which is programmable in the stitch suite), needle position up or down (also programmable in the stitch suite), lock and stop. stitch (same programmable), the backward stitch, and the classic automatic Start/Stop. Let me give you an outline in summary form so you can see its features in a much easier way.


  • It has 170 different stitches to choose from.
  • Includes 10 eyelets and 25 stitches.
  • Includes 3 types of alphabets.
  • It has 91 needle positions.
  • It comes with an LCD screen with 5 main buttons.
  • Threader capacity Is free arm.
  • It has an automatic thread cutter. Includes six (6) white LED lights in three different locations.
  • It has a maximum speed adjustment of up to 1000 stitches per minute.


  • Its high price could mean an obstacle in obtaining it for many potential customers.


  • Up to 6 types of presser feet.
  • Open toe with satin stitch.
  • The blind hem foot.
  • Rolled hemmed foot.
  • Convertible free arm for quilting.
  • Straight stitch needle plate.
  • Top feed device with quilting guide.
  • Straight stitch needle plate.
  • Additional spool holder.
  • Coil support (small, large, special).
  • Pedal Bobbins Needles Touchpen.
  • Quilting guide.
  • Pivot pin for circular stitching
  • 10 “Easy bobbins”
  • Screwdriver.
  • seam ripper
  • Lint brush.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Large extension table.
  • Semi-hard protection cover

Brother CX70PE Sewing Machine

With Brother CX70 PE every fantasy and every project will come true! They have a  Start/Stop button and a speed cursor that allow you to use the machine without a pedal, only with your hands.

Sewing has never been so easy! It has an automatic needle threader and a quick bobbin insertion system.

And as if that were not enough, it contains 7 automatic buttonhole styles that allow you to make buttonholes of different shapes and sizes in one go.

The Brother CX70 PE has a rotary hook, that is, with horizontal insertion of the bobbin and a practical free arm. But wait, this is not all, it has an LED light that illuminates the sewing area evenly, making your work much easier.

Thanks to its wonderful system of functions, adjusting the settings is very easy:  the width and length of the stitches are automatically adjusted. Its speed is  850 stitches per minute. With 6 feed dogs and double height of the presser foot.

Join me so you can know the most specific characteristics of this new model of the Brother brand

  • 70 stitches, 7 buttonhole styles
  • LCD display
  • instructional dvd
  • automatic needle threader
  • 6 feed teeth
  • Free arm for tubular seams
  • Automatic upper thread tension regulation
  • Quick and practical stitch adjustment
  • Stitch length adjustment up to 5mm
  • Wide stitch adjustment up to 7mm
  • Needle positioning button
  • The cursor for speed regulation
  • Presser foot positioning button
  • Double height presser foot
  • Horizontal bobbin case
  • Double-needle stitching
  • Sewing in several layers of fabric, also jeans
  • Weight 6.3kg
  • Size 49.00 x 24.70 x 37.80 cm
  • Power: 40V


  • It’s a complete machine
  • Easy to use, thanks to automatic threading
  • Robust, ideal for tailoring work
  • sewing without pedal
  • Special on difficult fabrics
  • 3-year warranty
  • automatic buttonholes
  • The accessories that it brings and those that can be easily bought


  • We did not find negative aspects in the opinions of amazon


  • 7 presser feet
  • seam ripper
  • 4 coils
  • needle pack
  • twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Additional spool pin
  • Instruction manual and quick guide
  • Electronic pedal and power cord
  • dust cover
  • Bag for accessories.

 Alfa Smart Plus Sewing Machine

Alfa Smart Plus is the most fascinating sewing machine on the market, thanks to its touch screen and its innovative interface, it makes sewing easy for the user to such an extent that all you have to do is give it the indications of what we want to do and it guides us in the whole process. On its 5” screen, it has a built-in menu that allows you to interact with the machine in a very simple way.


  • Touch screen
  • software upgradeable
  • integrated handbook
  • Speed ​​regulator.
  • mirror function.
  • Automatic threader.
  • 2 LEDs.
  • Includes case and accessories.
  • 100 stitches.
  • 1 complete alphabet with 172 characters.


  • Very heavy (7.5kg)


  • 7 different presser feet
  • 3 bobbins
  • Guide
  • Large and small bobbin case stopper
  • Felt for the spool holder
  • 3 spare needles
  • Brush and eyelet cutter
  • Long screwdriver and short screwdriver

Bernette Sew&go 8 Sewing Machine

The bernette sew&go 8 electronic is the star model of this series. It offers everything creative seamstresses need, and all at an excellent and very attractive value for money.

In total it has more than 197 stitches, including 1 alphabet, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet, great for Quilting and Patchwork!

Decorative stitches can be set to a maximum width of 7mm. The memory function allows you to save stitch combinations.

The Bernette Sew&Go is the perfect option for quilters, for home decor dressmakers, for fashion enthusiasts,  easy, practical, and complete!


  • 197 different stitches.
  • 1 alphabet
  • 7 buttonholes in one time.
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Side trimmer
  • automatic threader
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • 2 presser foot heights.
  • Memory to save stitch combinations.
  • Stitch Overview
  • Speed ​​control.
  • LCD screen.
  • Led light


  • Some users on amazon comment that the manual comes in Italian


  • 6 Presser foot
  • Seam ripper and brush
  • Needle set (3 pcs.)
  • coils
  • Screwdriver
  • edge guide
  • Long Spool Pin (V)
  • Bobbin holder (large and small)
  • dust cover
  • Mesh for coils
  • Pedal
  • Instruction manual in Spanish

Brother INNOVIS 55 Sewing Machine

The new Innovis 55 is a very simple machine to use but with advanced functions, ideal for patchwork, quilting, and cross stitch designs.

This machine brings all the stitches you will need when doing both basic and professional work. It has 80 stitches, 10 types of buttonholes, and the alphabet.


  • Ideal for patchwork, quilting, and cross stitch designs
  • LCD screen
  • automatic threader
  • LED sewing light


  • It is heavy (7 kg)


  • 7 presser feet
  • seam ripper
  • 4 bobbins
  • needle pack
  • 1 double-needle
  • 1 cleaning brush

Mechanical or Electronic Machine?

If you plan to buy a sewing machine and you still don’t know what your best option is. Here I leave you a table with enough advantages and disadvantages for you to decide between one model or another.

Mechanical Sewing Machine


  • Easy to repair.
  • They are not complicated to use
  • Specials to start the world of sewing.
  • They are generally cheaper.


  • Little variety of stitches.
  • In some cases, the sewing quality is poor.
  • They are not recommended for experienced people.
  • They have fewer features.

Electronic Sewing Machine


  • Great variety of Functions.
  • The sewing quality is good.
  • They are ideal for people with experience in the area.


  • They are expensive
  • Its use needs more practice
  • Repair is usually expensive
  • For beginners, they are difficult to use.

What is the price of an Electronic Sewing Machine?

The price will obviously vary between models and series depending on the level of each one.

To give you an idea, I can tell you that these machines are between 300-800 euros.

Obviously, between the high and low there are machines that are located in the middle, thus giving fair prices for each pocket.

Where to buy an Electronic Sewing Machine?

Without a doubt, I would buy my sewing machine online and what better way than through Amazon. The reasons why I choose this platform are very simple, I have several and they are just what I am going to tell you now:

  • You will find many more models of machines in addition to those that I have recommended; in this way, you will find the sewing machine that best suits your needs and your budget.
  • In about three days you receive your order at home.
  • Unbeatable customer service, they solve your doubts at the moment and you will not have problems when it comes to returns.
  • They have many offers and discounts available that you can benefit from when buying your sewing machine.
  • You can see the opinions of customers who have bought that machine before you. This is something very valuable because, just as I have given you my opinion, you will be able to read those of many other satisfied and dissatisfied clients who will give you their reasons; so you can make a better decision about whether or not to buy that sewing machine that you like so much.

Conclusions and What Electronic Sewing Machine to Buy?

As you can see, there are many types of electronic sewing machines, so deciding on one or the other is not an easy task. I have presented you with a Top 6 that I have chosen after conducting an in-depth study of each model.

But choosing the right one will depend on your needs, then I will give you a series of tips that will surely help you decide and finally acquire the machine you need.

  • If you have a good budget and, in addition, you are one of those who have experience in sewing and want to renew their old machine, I recommend the Quantum Stylist 9985. This machine is electronic, very innovative, and has a huge number of tools that will help you They will help you make your projects easier.
  • If you are looking for a machine that meets advanced functions, has the quality, and, most importantly, that is economical, then don’t think twice about it, this is the perfect  Compact 500E Plus machine.
  • If you are still betting on electronic machines, but you do not have that much budget, I can tell you to buy the Curvy 8770 sewing machine. This machine has a moderate number of tools that will make your work easier, and the best thing is that it will cost you half the price. What does a high-end machine cost?
  • If you have a lot of experience working with sewing machines, or simply mechanical sewing machines are not enough for you, for the work you do, I recommend the  Smart Plus machine.  It has approximately 100 stitches!
  • The electronic Bernette Sew&Go 8 is the flagship model of this series. It offers everything that creative seamstresses need, in total it has more than 197 stitches. Great for Quilting and Patchwork!
  •  The Brother INNOVIS 55 machine. It has approximately 135 stitches! ideal to continue in the world of sewing.

I can assure you that any of them will be a very good purchase.

If for some reason the Electronic Sewing Machines have not been everything you expected, I recommend you read one of the following guides, surely there is the one you need.

Photo: amazon