Top 05 Best Brother Sewing Machines

If you think it difficult to make choice for your new Brother Sewing Machine? We have written this special Brother Sewing Machine buying guide to help you, with the TOP 05 of the best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions as in all our …buying guides, we have done our best to help you make choose the best Brother Sewing Machines!

The Brother brand is very present in our comparison of the best sewing machines of 2022. Brother company offers many models for every sewing level, every need, and every budget. So which one to choose? To give you a little boost, our team of editors has tested the best Brother sewing machines of 2022 for you. Here is our comparison and our complete reviews!

Comparison of the 05 best sewing machines from Brother at a glance:

ImageBrother Sewing MachineElectronicBuy Now
Brother CS6000i
Best of all
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Brother CS7000X Computerized
Best Value
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Brother CP60X ComputerizedSee the price
Brother HC1850See the price
Brother GX37See the price

Brother sewing machine buying guide

To choose the right sewing machine, all you have to do is refer to the type of work to be done, the frequency of use, or even your level of sewing. So, if you are a beginner, consider buying a mechanical sewing machine or an embroidery machine from the Brother brand. Your first machine will then allow you to follow your sewing lessons and to learn simple work without the slightest difficulty. Just make sure it has at least Straight Stitch and Zig Zag Stitch. A manual adjustment of the stitch length will also be welcome, alongside a buttonhole and a free arm.

  • Electric sewing machine

For ease of use, consider buying an electric sewing machine. Some settings can nevertheless be more complex, but our test allows us to assure you that over time, you will find yourself there as with any sewing machine. Above all, this type of machine allows you to avoid the tedious task of installing the can.

  • Electronic sewing machine

They have nothing to envy a Toyota sewing machine, a Singer sewing machine,  a Husqvarna sewing machine, or even a Pfaff sewing machine. If you are a rather experienced seamstress, you will certainly find your account in this type of machine offering a high number of points. You even have the option of using the embroidery software with your new machine. also, the Brother brand offers a wide selection of electronic sewing machines. 

A good electronic sewing machine also avoids complex manual adjustments. It is mainly aimed at users with a certain level of sewing, despite a much less simplistic operation than with a mechanical sewing machine. Indeed, an electronic machine is equipped with an assisted motor, a guarantee of optimal comfort of use. In addition, the settings are made on a simple LCD or touch screen. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the stitch width, buttonholes, needle position, etc. This screen also simplifies the activation of automatic threading mode. It is the guarantor of successful embroidery: in the event of incorrect handling, error messages will appear on the screen. Finally, whatever the model, the screen presents the basic commands associated with any electronic device. Among them, we note the OK key to validate a setting, the cancel key to return to the main menu, or the reset key to return to the default setting. For a better reading, you can also adjust the brightness of the screen.

  • industrial sewing machine

For professionals, an industrial sewing machine is best suited. Some industrial sewing machine models allow more room for maneuver, thanks to advanced features such as the needle threader, the free arm, or the thread cutter. This type of machine also allows you to make professional-quality hems, just like with a real covering machine.

“As of 2016, a single-feed Flatlocker has become the standard for industrial sewing machines.” It is notably embellished with a thread cutter, also an ultra-fast straight stitch needle. It is sturdiness allows it to adapt to all manufacturing work. In addition, it is stepper motor simplifies training management. also, It trains the claw for more fluidity in the movements. Finally, the quiet operation of this motor also explains the increased enthusiasm for a flat stitcher. A determining criterion is if you live in an apartment, or if you often use your sewing machine at night.

  • mechanical sewing machine

With mechanical sewing machines from the Brother, also you can indulge in more complete settings. For the example, you will be able to define the length and width of the stitch, without facing any difficulty. also, a manual is delivered with the device to allow neophytes to use their first machine with an automatic buttonhole, their embroidery machine, or their serger like the pros.

  • An assisted sewing machine

The Brother sewing machine is also available as an assisted model. It’s a mechanical sewing machine optimized with an electro-mechanical assistance system. A rheostat pedal is then used to actuate a motor. One of the Brother machines is ‘Plugged’ into a mains socket, all you have to do is switch on the ‘LA’ to give it a unique user experience, for all sewing jobs.

What are the advantages of the best Brother sewing machine?

Here are some of the key advantages that we find in the Brother sewing machine:

  • Ease of use

The Brother machine’s main advantage of the ease of use. Whichever model you buy, getting it to work is child’s play, especially for beginners. Most Brother sewing machines have a DVD(user manual). This operator guides you through your first steps with the purchased sewing machine and explains in detail all the settings and functions of the brother machine.

  • Robustness

The Brother brand is renowned for the quality or condition of its sewing machines. They are most often guaranteed for up to 03(three) years.

  • The right price

The majority of the brand’s models are at fair prices and therefore accessible to all budgets.

  • Adaptation

The Brother brand of sewing machines adapted to everyone because not all seamstresses have the same level, You’ll therefore find machines for those who are beginners user, others which are more complete and therefore for professional (experienced seamstresses) and finally, the Brother brand offers sewing machines which can be used whatever your level of sewing.

How to choose the best Brother sewing machine?

It is not easy to choose a Brother sewing machine because there are many models in the market, here are some criteria to make the decision:

  •  Mechanical or electronic

It depends on your needs as well as your sewing level. The electronic Brother sewing machine is easier and more convenient because the machine settings are made automatically. also, they are often more expensive than other machines. The electronic machine is more intuitive, less expensive and often more robust.

  •  Stitches, programs, and features

When you think to buy a Brother sewing machine, you have to look at every feature of the machine. The number of stitch points is important. The more it has, the more different stitches you can make and the more versatile it will be. If you are a beginner, it’s not necessary for it to have 70 stitches but between 10 and 20. Buttonhole, free arm (to sew the sleeves or the bottom of the trousers for example), reverse, use with or without pedal are as much criteria to look at.

  •  Ease of use

Nothing is more unpleasant than a complex sewing machine. Most of the Brother brand sewing machines are easier to use than others machines.

  •  LED lighting

Some of the Brother sewing machines have light-emitting diode(LED) lighting and others have dual LED lighting. This system of course offers optimal visual comfort. Our test also allows us to recommend a sewing machine equipped with LED lighting. You will thus have a lighting of the work plan, very useful during night use. Above all, this key accessory provides enough light to further simplify certain operations such as manual installation of the can.

  • The free Arm

The free Arm is one of the defining features of a good brother sewing machine. It offers you the possibility of stitching tubular parts (sleeve, trouser leg?). It is usefulness is confirmed especially when it comes to threading and sewing cylindrical pieces of fabric, such as trouser legs or sleeves. Also, on many Brother machine models, the free arm is located under the bed or accessory box. To access it, simply remove these two components.

  • Needle threader

Option for a model offering a needle threader. As it is the name suggests, this essential component of a Brother machine allows you simplified threading, whatever the type of machine needles.

  • Thread cutting function

The thread cutting function is also to be checked when purchasing a sewing machine. It is primary role is to cut the upper threads and lower threads (distributed by the bobbin). overall, you will benefit from a considerable time saving, whether it’s a question of making or retouching. During your purchasing process, you will choose between a model, with which the activation of the thread cutter is done via a simple button, or by heeling the pedals. Note that on some models, the thread cutter is coupled with the automatic back-off.

  • Crowbar

The presser foot or presser foot of your Brother sewing machine is also a determining criterion of choice. Depending on the model, you may have a double feed foot, an invisible hem foot, a free-motion foot, or a gathering foot. The choice therefore depends on the type of sewing work envisaged. overall, it is better to couple this presser device with a multi-brand presser foot adapter. An option that guarantees you more room for maneuver during a sewing workshop or embroidery work.

  • The electronic variable pedal

Also, option for a Brother electronic sewing machine equipped with a ‘variable speed pedal’. It reveals all it is usefulness in certain works, where it’s necessary to play on the speed of the machine. This control allows you to maintain the power of the machine at a constant level, in order to sew and embroider more efficiently.

  • Adjust the sewing thread tension

Most Brother electronic sewing machines offer automatic adjustment of the sewing thread tension. A function that is essential for experienced seamstresses. If you opt for another type of machine, consider checking that this feature is present. You can then adjust the tension of the upper thread (according to the thickness of the thread to be sewn or that of the fabric to be worked)

  • Budget

A bother mechanical sewing machine is within reach of all budgets. From 120 dollars, you can already aspire to a good machine offering 7 programs and a satisfactory number of stitches. A mechanical sewing machine, an embroidery machine, or even a Brother serger offering you up to 23 stitches costs around 500 dollars. Also make significant savings by turning to a used Brother sewing machine.

In addition, the price of a Brother electronic sewing machine depends on the number of programs offered, also the number of stitches. Thus, from 150 dollars, you can aspire to your first machine offering 10 programs and 18 adjustable points.

FAQ: We answer your questions

Who is Brother?

Brother is a reference brand in the sewing machine department. First, a family business that was founded in 1908, Brother is today a multinational company. It has the particularity of offering sewing machines for all levels.

Those who are new to sewing will therefore find the sewing machine that corresponds to their level and the more experienced will find a sewing machine from the Brother brand that meets their requirements and needs.

The Brother brand offers mechanical or electronic sewing machines. The reputation of the brand is made on the quality and robustness of these sewing machines. Innovative, it offers models adapted to all budgets. Buying a Brother sewing machine means buying a sewing machine that is robust, easy to use, functional, practical, and designed above all for its users and their requirements.

 How to use a Brother sewing machine?

Using a Brother sewing machine is child’s play. Whatever the model, it will be easy to use. To guide you in your first steps with the sewing machine you buy, for the settings and everything concerning its operation, rest assured, you will receive a DVD that explains each step in detail.

 How to put the thread in a Brother sewing machine?

To put the thread in a Brother sewing machine, nothing could be simpler, especially since most of the brand’s models are equipped with simplified threading. First you need to install the spool on the spool pin, wrap the thread around the guide, unwind the end of the thread and pull it down. Then pass it through the lifter and thread the needle. This operation can be complicated for beginners but you will quickly master the gesture.

 Singer or Brother sewing machine?

The choice between the two is not easy because they are 2 brands that offer quality sewing machines. The Brother brand, however, is a little cheaper and offers more innovative sewing machines.

 How to fill a Brother sewing machine bobbin?

To fill the bobbin of a Brother sewing machine, you must open the winder door and raise the spool pin to the maximum. Then place the bobbin on the winder shaft, ensuring that the shaft is in the notch of the bobbin. Tilt the winder shaft to the right, place the spool on the spool holder, put on the spool cover, pull out the thread and thread the thread guide. Wind the thread clockwise and pass the end of the thread through the slit in the winder and pull the thread to the right so that it is cut. Slide the controller forward, press the power button.

 Where to buy your Brother sewing machine?

To buy a Brother sewing machine at the best price, we advise you to order it on the internet. The Cdiscount site, for example, offers a large selection of branded sewing machines at attractive prices.

Summary & Conclusion

Looking for the best Brother Sewing Machine we believe the Consumables Winner is a good recommendation that you should take into consideration when comparing products. In particular, due to a large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend reading various reviews before purchasing. In addition to the Consumption test ratings, reviews from other magazines (such as Consumption) are in most cases available. If you find a number of reviews, it makes sense to compare the respective best Brother Sewing Machine by conducting practical tests.

Regarding the published rankings, the year of publication should always be taken into account (relevance of the current word). If you work with old rankings for Brother Sewing Machine, you may not find the best product due to outdated information. Therefore, our final tip: Always look for information on the current year’s test winner, at best, in combination with a detailed review.