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Should You Purchase One of the Bernina Sewing Machines?

Bernina’s sewing machines are among the best in the business. They are made in Germany and are of high quality. They are incredible for amateurs since they are so natural to utilize. They are likewise cherished by ace sewers in light of the fact that the innovation is stunning.

They include sewing machines with shading touch screens, access to the web, and elements that are wild. From weaving to fundamental stitching, the Bernina sewing machines are truly outstanding available today.

Individuals who utilize these machines love the simplicity. Notwithstanding for those sewing masters out there, a Bernina enables you to make more activities considerably quicker.

You can even utilize this machine to sew on patches. You simply need to put the catch on the piece of clothing anyplace you need it to go and you let your Bernina do the rest. The sewing machine will choose what measure sewing and what estimate opening you require naturally. You can take a load off in light of the fact that this essentially does all the sewing for you!

Many individuals cherish Bernina sewing machines on the grounds that regardless of to what extent you have them, they appear to last and last and last. This is critical in light of the fact that it spares you a considerable measure of cash over the long haul that you would have regularly spent on substitution machines or repairs. Regardless of whether you are a learner or a characteristic, the Bernina mark makes it simple to make extends that you will love.

Not certain which model to get? All things considered, first you have to decide the amount you will be utilizing it. On the off chance that you are just going to use the machine, as a rule, you won’t require the most costly one.

The Some Best Bernina Sewing Machines Reviews

We will share it with you…types of the Bernina Sewing Machines to make using a Bernina Sewing Machine a fun and rewarding experience whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

Today’s sewing machines are truly amazing in design and technology. Having a good sewing machine is a must whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro. Bernina is a world leader in sewing and these come in a range of styles and models to choose from.

Here are the editor’s top picks after reviewing many different Bernina Sewing Machines. From the latest technology and value, these are sure to give you the right sewing machine for your specific needs.

1. Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine

Bernina 1008 Mechanical Sewing Machine, A convenient mechanical machine, priced affordably
The Bernina 1008 is a traditionally built sewing machine that is straightforward and easy to use for both experts and novices alike.

This great, entry-level machine is operated mechanically and is packaged with everything you need for basic sewing. It comes with 16 stitch patterns, a reverse feed utility and an automatic buttonhole. It also has simple operating controls that are clearly marked and arranged logically for smooth operation.

The sewing machine is popularly known for its ability to sew all sorts of fabrics.

This gem of a sewing machine has the Bernina features and easy convenience beginners love at a very affordable price. Ideal for sewing quilts, crafts and garments, the machine offers 16 practical and decorative stitches plus an easy-to-sew buttonhole. And every stitch is perfectly balanced and evenly placed right where you want it.

As for convenience, it’s built right in. Stitch selection is fast and easy. And the machine tells you which presser foot, stitch length and width, and needle position you’ll need for the best result. There’s also a handy thread cutter, a bobbin winder you can’t overfill, and a host of other features that make sewing simple and fun.

Features: Bernina 1008 Review

  • 16 different stitches. These give you different choices of stitches when sewing your fabrics.
  • Hopper mechanism. This mechanism enhances free-motion stitching by ensuring that the presser foot and the needle are working with you to form beautiful stitches.
  • Slide off stitch plate. It enables the machine to be cleaned easily.
  • Stitch setting chart. This helps you to choose the best settings for your particular stitch.
  • Carry handle. This handle is retractable and it enables the users to comfortably move the machine from one point to another.
  • CB Hook system. This ensures that the stitches are perfectly balanced.
  • Accessory box. The accessory box is attached to the machine to extend the sewing surface.
  • Thread cutter. This enables you to cut threads effortlessly after completing your sewing. The lower and the upper threads are secured safely without inter-looping until your next sewing session.
  • Slender Free arm. This enables flawless and easy sewing of tubular articles like cuffs, collars, sleeves and children clothing.
  • 5 needle positions. These enable you to position the stitch where you need it without having to move the fabric.
  • 1 button hole.
  • 5 snap on feet.
  • Bobbin winder.

Helpful Tools

  • 5 Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Additional Accessories

The Bernina 1008 sewing machine comes packaged with many benefits to its users. They include

Be assured that this machine will serve you for years if you take care of it. End-user reports indicate that the machine is capable of serving you without a hitch, for over 10 years. Additionally, it has a metal casing that enables it to withstand harsher weather conditions naturally.

Ease of Use
Compared to computerized sewing machines, this machine is straightforward to use. It is ideal for beginners as well as proficient sewing experts. Additionally, the stitch panel is readable at a distance and accurately instructs the user on the appropriate presser foot, stitch length/width and needle position to use.

This sewing machine will tell you which stitch width and length, presser foot and needle position to use for you to get the best results. The machine also comes with a thread cutter and a bobbin winder to help you achieve your sewing goals effortlessly.

Multiple Functions
The machine is capable of performing multiple functions. It comes fitted with 16 stitches that enable the user to make different stitches as well as other decorative functions. Additionally, it is capable of sewing different types of materials.

Despite the machine being a mechanical one, it is known for its top sewing speeds in comparison to other related models.

To be precise, Bernina 1008 offers maximum sewing speeds of up to 1050 stitches per minute!

Decorative Stitches Bernina 1008

2. Bernina Activa 125 Compact, Computerized and Affordable Sewing Machine

It is quite likely the greatest little starter machine in the world. This compact, computerized wonder features the quality and precision of a Bernina and has a customized stitch memory. Its ¾ size is designed to comfortably travel to and from sewing and quilting classes and is ideal for a vacation home or RV. The Activa 125 also features a useful stitch library with practical as well as decorative stitch choices. Plus, an ergonomically designed foot control that stores its own cord. So, take a look at all the great features. . . make sewing fun again.

Product Features: Bernina Activa 125

Unique Design

  • Smaller and Lighter
  • Pleasing Color Accents
  • Beautiful Buttonholes

Easy Computerized Sewing

  • Push Button Settings
  • On-Screen Visuals
  • 19 Stitches 1 Buttonhole

Helpful Tools

  • Five Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Additional Accessories

Ease and Convenience for Perfect Sewing

  • Push Button
  • CB Hook
  • Infinitely Variable Stitch Length and Width
  • Easy-to-reach Quick Reverse Button
  • Free Hand Sewing System (optional)

3. Bernina 950 Industrial Sewing Machine

Bernina 950 Industrial Sewing Machine – Power, speed, precision and reliability for the cottage industry sewer

This machine was engineered specifically for high-volume, semi-commercial sewing. Its outstanding combination of simplicity, high speed, and exceptional Bernina stitch quality make the 950 Industrial Bernina Sewing Machine a perfect match for the cottage industry.

In addition, compared to other home sewing machines, the 950 also offers the solid construction and durability you need to create project after project, year after year. From quilting, appliqué work and costume construction to freehand embroidery, garment construction, and freehand quilting, this versatile machine will see you through. Fast. Note: this machine requires a stand and motor, available separately from your Bernina Dealer.

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Product Features: Bernina 950 Industrial Sewing Machine

Semi-Commercial Features

  • Sewing Speed: 2000 Stitches per Minute
  • Large Fabric Passage Space
  • High Quality Rotary Hook

Stitch Versatility

  • 5 Needle Positions
  • 20 Practical and Decorative Stitches
  • 5-Step Semiautomatic Buttonhole
  • Feed Dog Drop Mechanism
  • Stitch Pattern Indicator

High Quality, Solid Construction

  • Rigidly Guided Needle Bar
  • Hands-Free 2-Step Presser Foot Lifter
  • One-piece Metal Presser Feet

4. Bernina 2500DCET Serger Sewing Machine

The top and bottom cover stitch serger for professional results at home

When it comes to serging, the Bernina 2500DCET Serger Sewing Machine has you covered — beautifully. This remarkably versatile serger gives you 21 different stitch variations, including 13 overlock stitches, six cover stitches, and a chain stitch. Not only can you obtain the same fine edge finish you’ll find on sleeves and ready-to-wear garments, but sewing widths ranging from 2.5mm to 5mm, making it easy to get professional results on everything from batiste to polar fleece. Plus, adding decorative flourishes to your seams or handling flat seams is simple, too.

This serger offers preset tensions, lay-in threading, and a lower looper threader to keep things easy. Bernina’s powerful DC motor ensures smooth sewing and perfect stitches, no matter what the project. Yet for all of its performance and speed, the machine is incredibly quiet. That’s Bernina quality.

Product Features: Bernina 2500DCET Serger Review

User Friendly

  • Automatic Tension Settings
  • Direct Stitch Selection
  • Self-threading Lower Looper
  • Exclusive Swing Out Presser Foot
  • Easy Rolled Hems

Perfect Stitching

  • Largest Stitch Selection
  • Variable Top and Bottom
  • Cover Stitch
  • Variable Overlock Stitch Widths
  • 5mm Cover Stitch
  • Versatile Chain Stitch


  • Easy Stitch Conversion
  • Adjustable Differential Feed
  • Slender Free Arm

Helpful Tools

  • Standard Presser Foot with Tape Guide
  • Compensating Foot
  • Seam Guide
  • Deco Guide
  • Additional Accessories

6. Bernina 1300DC Serger Overlock Sewing Machine

The more creative you become, the more discriminating you become. And, with the Bernina 1300DC Serger Sewing Machine, you’ll have the most creative flexibility available in an overlocker. Choose from 24 stitch variations including a chain stitch, four cover stitches, and four combination chain/overlock) stitches.

Add to that the super-easy threading, an informational LCD screen, and Bernina’s dedication to quality and you’ll find unlimited creative freedom for all of your serging projects.

Product Features: Bernina 1300dc Serger

Perfect Stitching

  • Smooth Operation
  • Superb Stitch Quality
  • Overlock Stitches
  • Chain Stitch
  • Cover Stitches
  • Combination Stitches

Easy to Use

  • LCD Informational Screen
  • Multiple Threading Aids
  • Easy Rolled Hems

Helpful Features

  • Standard Overlock Foot
  • Compensating Foot
  • Differential Feed

Optional Accessories

  • Bernina Optional Accessories

7. Bernina 1200DA Serger Overlock Sewing Machine

Because quality and creative flexibility are important, the Bernina 1200DA Serger Sewing Machine offers both. Easy to use, this model has the features you’d expect from a quality machine along with additional capabilities that make it user friendly. Choose from 15 stitch variations including two, three, and four-thread stitch formations.

Add to that the super-easy threading, an informational LCD screen, and Bernina’s dedication to precision and you’ll find it easy to keep your creativity in motion for all of your serging projects.

Product Features: Bernina 1200DA Serger Review

Perfect Stitching

  • Smooth Operation
  • Superb Stitch Quality
  • Overlock Stitches

Easy to Use

  • LCD Informational Screen
  • Multiple Threading Aids
  • Easy Rolled Hem

Helpful Features

  • Standard Overlock Foot
  • Differential Feed

Optional Accessories

  • Optional Accessories

8. Bernette Series Bernina Sewing Machines

The Bernette Series Bernina Sewing Machines- Simple. Easy. Affordable. The perfect beginner machines

The Bernette series provides expert touches that make sewing fast and fun – like an auto needle threader, side thread cutter, side-mounted pin cushion, and reverse sewing button.

To ensure an expert look, Brunettes come with plenty of practical and decorative stitches, including satin stitches for appliqué. Buttonholes are easy to sew with perfect results. And for hemming pants, sewing cuffs, or other circular items, the slim free arm is just the thing. All for an affordable price that makes “bargain” machines look like anything but a bargain.

Product Features: Bernette Series Bernina Sewing Machines

Easy to Use

  • Auto Needle Threader
  • Side Thread Cutter
  • Reverse Sewing Button
  • Side-mounted Pin Cushion

Powerful Features

  • Adjustable Needle Positions
  • Automatic Buttonhole
  • Large Free Arm

Variety of Stitches

  • Bernette 50 – 10 Stitches + Buttonhole
  • Bernette 60 – 15 Stitches + Buttonhole
  • Bernette 75 – 20 Stitches + 1-Step Buttonhole

Helpful Tools

  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Accessory Box / Sewing Table
  • Dust Cover

9. Bernina 950 Flatbed Zigzag Professional Sewing Machine:

This Swiss-designed machine is a top of the line professional model for the serious user. Of all the Bernina sewing machines, this one is for industrial as well as home use and will give you incredible results. The feature list on this jewel is extensive but we will go through a few of the important ones: Sewing speed up to 2,000 stitches a minute, 5 needle positions, all-metal industrial hook, locked in needle bar, built-in darning device and bobbin winder, universal tension setting. Includes buttonhole, darning, zig-zag, and utility stitching. Many more features make this Bernina sewing machine a machine that will give you many years of service with no worries.

10. Bernina Bernette DECO 650 RB Embroidery Machine:

Looking for a hard-working but easy to use embroidery machine? From Bernina Sewing Machines comes this elegant model that features 60 built-in designs, high-tech LCD touch screen, auto thread trimming, auto-centering. Has three font styles and sizes with 90-degree rotation of designs. And remember, Bernina has hundreds of additional design options in the Bernina library! This embroidery machine is quality at a great price.

11. Bernina Bernette H70 Computerized Sewing Machine:

Here is a value-priced sewing machine that is packed with features normally found on higher priced models. An LCD display allows the user to see the stitch width, length, and number and suggested presser foot. Other great features include auto threader, stitch length and width adjustment buttons, pattern selection, 7 one-step buttonholes and thread cutter, and much more. Very easy to use, this model will stitch at 800 per minute if needed and will sew through heavy fabrics with ease. Easy maintenance makes this a top seller.

12. Bernina Bernette 65 Sewing Machine:

From Bernina Sewing Machines comes this basic model that is loaded with useful features and is perfect for the home user needing a dependable sewing machine to handle any sewing project. Four standard presser feet, 7mm stitch width, 15 different stitch patterns including a quilt stitch, bobbin and needle thread cutters, one-step buttonhole, electronic foot control, and an auto needle threader. This quiet, smooth-running machine is very easy to understand. If you are looking for a solid well-built sewing machine and don’t need the LCD screen, this model is perfect. A real workhorse at a fantastic price.

13. Bernina 830 Sewing And Embroidery System:

Incredible features never seen before but this model on top of the mountain. Embroidery speeds up to 1,000 spm is the fastest anywhere and with a huge 7-inch touch screen you are always in complete control. Gigantic bobbin holds 40 percent more thread, auto-threading, drag and drop technology, auto presser foot lift, pressure adjustment, thread cutter, digital clock (with alarm), easy to use buttons for different functions, the list goes on and on. This machine is for the serious user who seeks and demands the very best in sewing and embroidery equipment, and rest assured, the Bernina Sewing Machine company delivers with this series.

14. Bernina Virtuosa 155 Sewing Machine

What do you feel like sewing today? A quilt? A dress? A doll? A pillow? With the Virtuosa 155 Bernina Sewing Machine, it’s your choice. Simply place the appropriate stitch card on the front of the machine for the project you’re in the mood to create. It’s so easy, it takes just seconds. Four cards let you access a wide variety of stitches for fashion, home dec, quilting or crafts. There are 92 built-in stitches to choose from, but that’s just the beginning. You can also customize a fifth stitch card with your favorite stitches using the Bernina exclusive Customized Pattern Selection (CPS) software, giving you the choice of 272 total stitches!

Product Features: Virtuosa 155 Bernina

Customizable Stitches

  • Four Stitch Packages
  • CPS Software
  • Easy to Use for Perfect Sewing
  • Direct Push Button
  • CB Hook
  • Free Hand System (FHS)


  • Four Buttonhole Styles
  • Three Alphabets
  • 30 Space Memory
  • DC Motor

Helpful Tools

  • 8 Presser Feet
  • Compact Fluorescent Light
  • Extension Sewing Table
  • Accessory Box

15. Bernina Activa 135 Sewing Machine

Bernina Activa 135 Patchwork Edition Sewing Machine

The most compact computerized quilting machine ever!

Say hello to the new Activa 135 Bernina Sewing Machine. It’s quite likely the easiest computerized sewing machine ever. This compact wonder features repeat auto-buttonholing, customized stitch memory, and comes with a tidy attachable accessory case. The Activa 135PE also features an extensive stitch library and a patchwork presser foot. Plus, its sturdy free-arm table gives you a lot more workspace. So, take a look at all the great features of the friendly little machine that can . . . make sewing fun again.

Product Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Smaller and Lighter
  • Pleasing Color Accents
  • Unique Accessory Box

Easy Computerized Sewing

  • Push Buttons
  • On-Screen Visuals
  • 28 Stitches, 2 Buttonholes
  • Programmable, Repeatable Buttonholes

Ease and Convenience for Perfect Sewing

  • Push Button Settings
  • CB Hook
  • Infinitely Variable Stitch Length and Width
  • Large, Easy-to-Reach Quick-Reverse Button
  • Free Hand Sewing System (optional)

Helpful Tools

7 One-Piece Presser Feet

  • Additional Accessories

16. Bernina Virtuosa 153 Quilter’s Edition Sewing Machine

Bernina Virtuosa 153 Quilter’s Edition Sewing Machine; A customization quilting machine with all the features quilters demand.

If you’re a quilter, this precise, powerful machine is all about you. Some of your favorite quilting stitches are already installed. The knee-operated Free Hand System raises the presser foot and lowers the feed dog to keep your hands free to work with the fabric. Plus, on the 153QE, you’ll find the longest free-arm of any home sewing machine, making handling quilts easier than ever.

You can also count on incredibly consistent thread tension, the power of Bernina’s DC motor and electronic speed control to ensure precision sewing at any speed on any fabric.

Product Features:

  • Special Quilting Features
  • Popular Quilting Stitches
  • Long Free Arm
  • Free Hand Sewing System

Customize Your Machine

  • CPS – Customized Pattern Selection
  • Needle Threader
  • Needle Positions
  • Additional Accessories

Easy to Use for Perfect Sewing

  • Direct Push Button
  • CB Hook
  • Infinitely Variable Stitch Length and Width


  • Two Buttonhole Styles
  • Block Alphabet
  • 30-Pattern Memory

Variety of Functions

  • Needle Stop Up/Down
  • Half Speed
  • Securing Function
  • Mirror Image
  • Single Pattern/Pattern End

Helpful Tools

  • 9 Presser Feet
  • Compact Fluorescent Light
  • Extension Sewing Table
  • Accessory Box
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Instructional Video